Welcome to the Inaguaral John King Blog!

Tuesday, 07.10.07

Howdy everyone!

johnthenewsking.wordpress.com was created after a group of us JK gals over at yahoo (cstkitten, bailcliff, javagirl, katnap, mebz, newssavydiva and yours truly) concluded that John more than deserves a special corner of cyberspace dedicated to his journalism work, his talent and passion for news as well as his overall appeal to those of us who have a great admiration for John, “The News King.”

We were all scratching our heads as to why our favorite CNN reporter did not have a functioning blog in his honor. Believe you me, we googled high and low for such a website, but to no avail. We decided to take the bull by its horns and voted to have one established.

Thus, this site was born. Yes, it is THE original because there is no other website to date that is taking on what we have set out to accomplish here: a fun and interesting place for John King fans to gather, relax and discuss our favorite news king. This blog is still in it’s infancy, so it may appear bare bones at the moment… but I promise to expand it with lots of great information and photos as time progresses.

I took on this task of building and running the blog because I have the desire to see a quality site available for like-minded individuals who will stop by for a visit and contribute to making this an active and lively site.

We do have a private group at yahoo — johnthenewsking — a spinoff of yahoo’s CNN’s John King Fan Club. Feel free to visit johnthenewsking and if you’re interested, please drop us a line to become a member.

In the meantime, we decided to open up this public blog for all to enjoy.

The first topic of discussion we’d like everyone to comment on is John King’s recent Special Investigations Unit Report, Battlefield Breakdown. What were your reactions to the piece? Good or bad, let your thoughts be known here!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your visit to this website has been enjoyable and informative.

Take care everyone,




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4 responses to “Welcome to the Inaguaral John King Blog!

  1. mebz72

    Nicely done, Millie! It’s beautiful, if you need help with something let us know.
    Now on to the topic at hand- Battlefield Breakdown was exceedingly informative. There has been so much debate (and rightly so) about the mistakes of planning and the implementation of this war, but to know that our soldiers didn’t have sufficient supplies of MRE’s and water- that’s outrageous and criminally negligent.
    I can’t help feeling that my generation has been sent to fight and die on false causes, and what’s worse is that my (future) children’s generations is going to be paying for it, in more ways then one.

  2. phillyjulie

    Yes, amazing job! Love the picture you chose.

    Kudos to John and CNN for reporting, as sad as it is, how this government has treated our military.

    Some facts I found online:

    The human toll: More than 3,500 Americans have died in Iraq; more than 25,000 have been wounded.

    The financial cost: $500 billion in spending, at a rate now of more than $2 billion a week.

    There is another price: More than two-thirds of active duty Army brigades are rated not ready for their mission because of manpower or equipment shortages, most of which can be directly attributed to Iraq. It is a readiness domino effect.

    The numbers for the National Guard are even more alarming: Nearly 90 percent of Guard units not in Iraq are rated not ready for missions.

  3. milliepip

    For me, Battlefield Breakdown was both fascinating and depressing. Fascinating when all the facts and figures were laid out like that, but utterly depressing to get an inside look at what soldiers and their families have gone through as a result of the “breakdown”. The most poignant part of the piece to me was when John went riding with the convoy. I was at first frightened for him, but then the reality sunk in that these brave men and women have to do it on a daily basis — it was not just a photo op for a journalist… the possibility of them getting hit by a roadside bomb was all too painfully real. I couldn’t get out of my head the audio of the soliders talking about their blood type as they were driving along. Thank goodness those soliders and John made it safe, but it was scary to think of the danger lurking around every corner. As John said, it could be something as inconspicuous as a pile of trash.

  4. I really enjoyed Battlefield Breakdown. In my opinion it’s the best SIU that CNN has done. I tihnk John did a wonderful job on it. And I felt that he was very sympathetic towrds the family of the killed soldier that he interviewed. I think John is a caring, compaasionate and intelligent person and Battlefield Breakdown really shows this.

    I always look forward to seeing John host 360 when Anderson can’t be on. If we can’t have Anderson we might as well have the next best thing and that’s John King!!!

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