John, the younger years.

Thursday, 07.12.07

This is just too cute not to share. It is a Charlie Rose video from 14 years ago where John was a guest.

He was also a guest in September of 2002.

Here’s a young picture of John, but I don’t know when it was taken… perhaps his AP days??




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2 responses to “John, the younger years.

  1. phillyjulie

    He’s cute as a button . . . in a studly way, LOL.

    It’s a preppy looking John King with that hair cut. What is he, about 28 or 29 yrs? By the middle of the interview he starts to relax and by the end it’s the John of today on camera. Does anyone else notice that mini-metamorphasis?
    And the great understanding of what’s going on on the inside of the political world is solidly in place. I hope we can dig up more early stuff. it was fascinating.

  2. acanderfan

    Interesting to see John King when he was younger. I must admit that I laughed a little when I first saw him. I agree with phillyjuile that by the end of the interview he does seem more like the John King we’re all used to seeing.

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