John’s Kiddos / His Smile / The “Bubble” Effect / YouTube Debate

(Note: The time-stamp is still incorrect. This post was added on Friday 7-20, not Saturday 7-21)

I didn’t get to catch John hosting The Situation Room yesterday, but thanks to the lovely ladies in the yahoo group, one is never short of information about his on-air appearances.

One thing we all have admired about John is that he often proudly mentions his kiddos Noah and Hannah on air. His devotion to his kids is heartwarming. He cleverly sneaks in their names whenever there is a story or subject matter that fits the occasion. He has talked about their camping trips, their favorite sport (basketball) and their study habits, among other things.

Yesterday when John was discussing the new Harry Potter release, he mentioned that he reads Harry Potter books with his son. Here’s a screenshot courtesy of Kitten:


And of course, Kitten captured some additional fabulous pictures yesterday. These two really light up the blog:



Man, is his smile incredible or what? 🙂 It is so good to see him happy and smiling – something that you didn’t often catch when he was on the White House beat. Personally, I am glad for him that he is no longer “in the bubble”. Now he really gets to shine!

Mebz informed us that John is in South Carolina today – no doubt getting ready for the YouTube debates. I think Monday night is going to be an interesting evening, and I’m sure the YouTube questions will turn out to be thought-provoking.

(Hopefully we will get to see lots and lots of John in the process!)



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3 responses to “John’s Kiddos / His Smile / The “Bubble” Effect / YouTube Debate

  1. I saw part of the Situation Room yesterday. I like when John fills in for others. Personally I’d rather see him host the youtube debates instead of Anderson. Now that’s saying something, becuase I am a huge Anderson fan. I just think John King is better sutied to host instead of Anderson.

  2. mebz72

    Millie- you missed John asking Jack Cafferty if babies came from storks. The look on Jack’s face was priceless.

  3. phillyjulie

    I LOL at that, ole Jack got all flustered.

    John was frisky yesterday and smiling alot. : )

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