The Debate Goes On…

Friday, 07.27.07 

Several days after the debate, the ripple effects are still being felt, namely, the issue between Hillary and Barack and whether they would (or would not) respond to leaders of countries we are enemies with. Personally, I found both of their responses to be thoughtful and professional. Indeed, Hillary was correct in pointing out that she would not want to be seen as a target of propaganda; however, that said, I don’t think Barack’s response was “naive” either.

I like what Hillary had to say regarding this issue (to none other than our man John):

“I think that we do have some disagreements, and those are obviously going to start coming out because this is a very intense period, for the primaries,” she said. “But I welcome that debate, because I think that we want Democratic voters to get to know as much about each of us as possible, to know where we stand on issues, how we would approach the important concerns we’ll face if we are president.”

Exactamundo, Mrs. Clinton! I’ve stated before that I am undecided (I’m neither officially democrat or republican) but I am liking more and more some of the things that she is saying, and more importantly, how she does it with grace and style.

The above excerpt was taken from a CNN blog contributed by John King, found here.

The folks over at All Things Anderson have posted a great picture of John with Hillary Clinton:


And here is John speaking with Anderson about his interview with the Senator:


Here are a few screencaps from our own Kitten. They were taken from Wednesday’s Situation Room:



A couple of odds and ends:

We are listed as a link at All Things Anderson! Yeay! Vandygirl e-mailed me and noted “You’ve been doing some really great work and your readers comments are always respectful.” I concur, Vandygirl. John King fans are great people. Our little group at yahoo is a lot of fun, and it is always great to connect with like-minded people.

Other tidbits of information: Yesterday I posted a link to Shelbinator, the guy who interviewed John on-the-spot in the post-debate Spin Room. Well, he found our little site and posted a comment about the experience!! Check out his comments below.

I’ve also added a links widget to our blog. Because shelbinator was kind enough to write to us about interviewing John, I’ve added his blog to the section. I’ve also included All Things Anderson and All Things CNN.

If anyone has other suggestions for linked sites, please let me know.

Have a great Friday everyone!



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6 responses to “The Debate Goes On…

  1. More tidbits from shelbinator! The Biden team caught a pic for you of John looking casual-yet-dapper at the MRAPV press conference in the park, and a Biden fan caught him looking pensive (or just overheating?) as well as a celebrity snap with him. I was personally happy to see a “real journalist” there in jeans to make me feel less self-conscious about my own choice of denim. 🙂

  2. milliepip

    Thanks Shel. You are making a lot of JK admirers verrrrry happy at the moment with your picture finds.

  3. Ooohh Shelbinator, great pics. John always looks so handsome!!! I also must say that I enjoyed seeing him on 360 last nite. 360 hasn’t been so great this week, but seeig John on there made last nite pretty good…LOL!!!

  4. milliepip

    Hmmm.. when looking at John in front of the aqua-green background (from Wednesday’s Situation Room screencaps) he looks kinda pasty. It’s wierd, how sometimes he looks good against certain backdrops, and then other backgrounds don’t always flatter him. It could also be depending on how much makeup he has. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Less Makeup = Better John.

  5. Mavis

    Great to see a John King blog!

    Good work Millie

  6. milliepip

    You’re very welcome, Mavis.

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