More “Behind The Scenes” With Shelbinator

As you have read, Shelbinator had a rare opportunity to speak with John a few minutes after last Monday’s YouTube debate.  Shel was streaming live video content to the internet while roaming around the Spin Room.  He happened to stumble across John, who at the moment was in a discussion with a producer about being relocated.  (According to Shelbinator, apparently John wasn’t too happy about the change in logistics.)

Shelbinator’s archived stream shows more footage of John a few minutes before he was approached.  It can be viewed here.   It is grainy and the audio isn’t that great (due to the acoustics) but it  does show John standing around, looking at what appears to be a blackberry or cell phone and also talking to the producer who wanted to relocate him. 

Here are a few caps from the video.  The quality isn’t too good, but hey – it’s John (!!!) so who am I to complain?  🙂







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