2002 Interview With Dick Cheney And Shelbinator’s Video Gap

Sunday, 07.29.07

CNN’s video section recently added an archived video from 2002 in which John is seen talking to Vice President Cheney about his (Cheney’s) pacemaker. They’ve included this segment in light of the current story about Cheney’s operation to have his pacemaker battery re-charged.

Here are a few videocaps from the 2002 Cheney interview.





In the last five years, you can definately tell how John has since changed, but IMHO he looked good then and looks good now! Heck – in five, ten, even fifteen more years, John will still be as suave as ever. Maybe with a full head of white hair, but suave nonetheless.


Ok, I’m done gushing now.

Moving on…

I had asked Shebinator about the gap in his video interview with John King. He wrote:

“Sadly, the missing footage was due to a classic newbie screwup, and it was exactly the footage I wanted most of all: John was talking about Biden having a good night, as many people said that night. I had rewound the tape in the camera to show some of the Biden staffers, and then the Senator started moving again and we rushed over and someone said ‘Film this if you can’ and I just instinctively hit record, taping over part of the King footage. It took me about 20 seconds to figure out what I was doing and hit stop. What you missed was, in general, that he thought Biden did well because this more relaxed question format let him come through as the Democratic counterpart to McCain, i.e., the ‘straight-talker.’ King erroneously suggested that Biden got more time that night, whereas according to the Dodd Clock, he only got about 6:30 Monday whereas he had closer to 8:00 in the first debate, so that sucked. And King wrapped up with a general ‘I think the Biden campaign can be confident they had a pretty good night — now, whether this turns into any results in the polls, other candidates have more of a structural advantage, in terms of fundraising, but overall Biden did well.’ Or something like that.”

Shelbinator posted that portion from his live stream at YouTube. The audio has a lot of echo from the indoor conversations, hence the subtitles.


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One response to “2002 Interview With Dick Cheney And Shelbinator’s Video Gap

  1. Hi Millie,
    Sorry to trouble you, but I’m decommissioning my old YouTube channel in favor of a new, easier to remember username, youtube.com/shelbinatorTV. When you get a chance, if you want to keep the embedded video go grab the new version at

    I’ll be turning off the embedding option on the old channel soon. Thanks.

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