Just The Caps, Ma’am… Just The Caps

Tuesday, 07.31.07

I am really digging the ladies over at All Things Anderson and All Things CNN. They are funny, honest, clever and just plain smart. Their content isn’t full of fluff – they take their blogging seriously, and have a sincere passion about highlighting Anderson Cooper’s work in a postive and upbeat manner.

Having started up this blog myself, I now know what an undertaking this kind of work is! Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but heck, when the material you are covering is John King, it doesn’t seem like work. Ooops! I forgot…. I had stopped gushing at the end of Sunday’s post. How easily one forgets.

But I digress.

I totally cracked up the other day when I read ATA’s post about crime and punishment.

There is a long row of screencaps taken from last Friday’s AC360 program, highlighting the various reporters who contributed to the stories which aired that evening. Then, all of the sudden:


I don’t know why, but that just really tickled my funny bone. Inserting an Anderson screencap just for the sake of… well, inserting a yummy screencap!

Thus, today I will piggyback on that thought. This morning’s blog is solely for the purpose of gratuitous John King screencapping. All the still shots below were taken from last week’s programming.

The first series is courtesy of Mebz, who notes that these are from CNN International, where John’s official title is “Chief US Correspondent”.

The second series is courtesy of Kitten.

Enjoy the gratuitous-ness!












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3 responses to “Just The Caps, Ma’am… Just The Caps

  1. mebz72

    Screencaps are always welcome, like ice cream- they need no reason.
    I should note that I found those pics at CNNreporter.com, I can’t claim them. Though I wish I could.
    BTW, the gold tie is always my favorite. Not everyone can pull off a gold tie, but JK works it.

  2. milliepip

    You’re right, when you look at it that way, they need no reason. Well, you saved and stored those pics for us, so I still give you the unofficial credit. 🙂

  3. Screencaps are always great!!! One can ever have enough of a good looking man and John certainly is good looking.

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