Oh, L’Amour

Tuesday, 07.31.07 

Earlier today I blogged about the fact that John is a self-proclaimed private individual, which is something that no one can really blame him for.  

But every now and then some personal information surfaces that just can’t be avoided. The Washington Post recently brought to light some John King information, which you can read here.  It regards John coming forward about dating Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash.

The Washington Post blurb does not elaborate, and johnthenewsking does not wish to speculate regarding such a private matter, either.  While it caught most of us at the yahoo group by surprise, it is, however, something we felt was relevant enough to be included as a mention here at our site. 

Out of respect for John and Dana,  johnthenewsking will not post any further blog entries about their courtship.

If you would like to leave a comment, please be considerate.  Inappropriate remarks will not be tolerated and promptly removed.



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5 responses to “Oh, L’Amour

  1. milliepip

    I guess it would make sense that he is dating someone who understands the pressures and demands of being a CNN correspondent. The article did state that he is divorced, something that wasn’t known for certain before. I’ve never come across much about him having an ex. Although all these years I have never seen him wear a wedding ring.

  2. mebz72

    A very well worded post.

  3. Interesting post. Hopefully he is happy with Dana Bash.

  4. phillyjulie

    Dana’s a very lucky lady.

  5. milliepip

    Ditto Julie!

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