The Practice Protectee

Wednesday, 08.08.07

Well, John has not hosted any shows or covered any stories on CNN the last week or so, therefore I have no new material to cover at the moment. If John is on vacation, good for him, he needs the rest! After all, with the election season starting to brew more intensely as each day passes, I’m sure he will be kept busy in the upcoming weeks and months. But I am wondering, though, if his election coverage will be as extensive as when he was assigned to The White House. Who knows? We will see as the campaign unfolds.

In the meantime, I browsed through the CNN video archives and capped some pictures from two pieces he covered back in June, “Strain on the Secret Service” and “Inside The Secret Service”. John visited a training facility in Maryland and filed the above reports, the first one airing on June 20:





John interviews Don Coyer who heads the Secret Service training division. He asks if there is any difference now that there is an African-American candidate who needs protection. Mr. Coyer replies, “It doesn’t — it doesn’t really change anything that we do. We’re — we — we deal on the dark side of things all — every day. I mean hate mail, threats, it’s second nature. “

John adds, “With so many candidates running, the Secret Service anticipates an unprecedented workload this campaign and is scrambling to assemble more teams and put them through drills.”

Candidate King is all smiles as he passes through a rope line, shaking the hands of his supporters, safely escorted by the Secret Service.



Subbing for Wolf, back in the studio John includes some background information about the Secret Service. He reports, “The Secret Service was founded in 1865 as a branch of the Treasury Department to fight counterfeiting. It was established by Abraham Lincoln on the very day of his assassination. It was in 1902 that the Secret Service assumed full-time responsibility for protection of the president. Today the Secret Service is authorized to protect the president, the vice president, and their immediate families, along with former presidents and their spouses. Current law limits Secret Service protection to 10 years from the date a former president leaves office. Under that law, Bill Clinton may be the last president to be guaranteed lifetime protection.”

Here are some screencaps from John’s second Secret Service piece, which was filed on June 23rd. I apologize for the quality, but in one sequence John moves so fast that the camera is blurry. Notice how he is brought down while being used as a practice “protectee” for the Secret Service! (In the first photo he is interviewing Don Coyer; in the last, Renee Triplett, Special Agent in Charge.)






All in a day’s work for John King!!


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