Battlefield Breakdown Re “cap”

Sunday, 08.12.07

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been a few days since I lasted posted, but to be honest with you I had a nasty spell of Blogger’s Block again.


I hate it when that happens!

Actually, on Friday I was going to screencap some pictures of a July 2006 video in which John tests a General Motors hydrogen vehicle prototype, but for some reason the caps would not copy to files correctly. Alas, no screencaps. But you can still check out the video here. It will be interesting to see if GM will actually be marketing these cars soon. However, from the piece we learn that may be a way off, due to ongoing testing as well as cost and production factors.

I nonetheless wanted to post some John King pictures today, so I decided to cap some stills from his recent Battlefield Breakdown special aired in early June. (You can read the entire transcript of the program here.)

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I was capping them from a video posted on YouTube. (Note:  johnthenewsking not share the opinion of the guy who posted this video) I am not tech-savy enough to cap directly from TiVo – heck, I don’t even have TiVo – but even if I did, I still would not know how to do it (cap).

Anywho, here are some shots from “Battlefield Breakdown”:









A truly gripping part of the piece to me was when John went riding with the convoy:


I was at first frightened for him and the men he was profiling, but then the reality sunk in that these brave men and women have to do it on a daily basis — it was not just a photo op for a journalist… the possibility of them getting hit by a roadside bomb was all too painfully real. I couldn’t get out of my head the audio of the soliders talking about their blood type as they were driving along. Thank goodness those soliders and John made it safe, but it was scary to think of the danger lurking around every corner. As John said, it could be something as inconspicuous as a pile of trash.

After his well-deserved break, I am looking forward to seeing John again on TV soon!



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