Heeeeere’s John!

Tuesday, 08.14.07 

John is back!  We are glad that he had a nice break, and are equally as glad to turn on CNN and see our favorite reporter back in action.  Now, the Anderson ladies always talk about “Ander-withdrawal” symptoms…  I wouldn’t  go so far as to say that was the case with John being absent, but I will say that he was indeed missed.

Kitten, as always, could be counted upon to provide us with some great screencaps.  Heeeere’s John back in the studio on Monday after nearly two weeks away from the camera:







Ok, ok… now this might seem like an overload of  pictures, but hey, we are trying to make up for two weeks’ worth of not seeing John on TV, so can you blame us? 

Although I know he is very humble about his ties and appearance, I still have to point out that he looked very dapper yesterday in the pin-striped suit and royal blue tie.  Without a doubt, what he says is more important than his ties, but there still is nothing wrong with giving John a compliment about his sense of style, is there?

The big story of the day, of course, has been the departure  of Karl Rove.  John did a piece on this  story, which can be viewed here



At the 360 Blog, David Gergen writes, “Karl Rove will enter history as the most influential political strategist of the modern presidency. James Carville, Dick Morris, Lee Atwater, etc. — all were important but none as significant. One has to go back some 60 years to the partnership between Clark Clifford and Harry Truman or further back to Louis Howe with Franklin Roosevelt to find anyone as close and instrumental in helping a candidate win and then exercise power.”

Little did I know the historic proportions of Karl Rove’s relationship with Bush.  I find it interesting that John, among others, speculates that the timing of all this means Rove might somehow have a hand in the political direction of the 2008 campaign.  Not entirely impossible, I would imagine.  We will just have to wait and see when and to what extent Rove might re-appear in the political spotlight.

Other news:  According to this press release by Turner Broadcasting, the You Tube Republican debate will go forward after all on November 28th.  That’s fantastic!  I think it would have looked really bad on the Republican candidates if they backed out completely now.  I am seriously thinking about creating and submitting a question about a HUGE pet peeve of mine: negative campaigning. I would like to pose a question to the candidates bluntly and squarely

I’ll keep y’all posted on my plans for creating and submitting a question.  I am intrigued by the prospect of actually doing this, however, I just wonder: would it be worth it, considering the odds of my question actually airing?  Well, who knows?  But I figure, ahh, what the heck…

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!



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10 responses to “Heeeeere’s John!

  1. Millie, soon enough you’ll start experiencing John withdrawal…lol!!! I had to experience Anderwithdrawal last week and let me tell you…it wasn’t fun at all. And the woest part is you never know when it’s going the satrt and when it’s going to stop…LOL!!!

    Two weeks and you never went into John withdrawal??? I don’t know what I would have done had last weeks Anderdrought gone on into this week too. I don’t think I could handle two weeks of not seeing Anderson…LOL!!!

    Yeah I sound a little crazy, but I think it’s a trait that all us Andefans have and I’m sure John King fans will have soon too…LOL!!!

  2. milliepip

    Anderwithdrawal…. Anderdrought… ha ha that is too funny.

  3. You wouldn’t believe all the words you can put infornt of the prefix “Ander” lol!!! Like any word you can think of you can stick “Ander” infornt of it…LOL!!!

    Anderdrought, Andervacation, Anderwithdrawal, Anderhottness, Andergiggle, Andergrin…the list can go on and on…LOL!!!

    Seriously though, I love your blog and I think you’re doing a great job!!! Nice pics of John 🙂

  4. mebz72

    I LOVE Anderwords.

  5. mebz72

    I don’t think we could make up John King words though. It just doesn’t work the same. 😦
    We could make Chief National phrases.
    “Chief National Vacation”
    “Chief National Withdrawal”
    “Chief National Happiness”

  6. milliepip

    I was just thinking the same thing, that it just doesn’t sound the same with “John King”. I like the “Chief National” idea. Or… how about…

    A king-sized vacation
    A king-sized withdrawal
    A king-sized happiness

    Meh… kinda cheesy, huh?

  7. mebz72

    There really is nothing about making up custom words for your favorite CNN reporter that isn’t cheesy, lol. Yet, do we let that stop us? No!

    “King-sized” makes me think of two things: mattresses and candy bars.
    Not sure why.

  8. milliepip

    mattresses, candy-bars, and supersizing your hamburger combo.

  9. mebz72

    “Yes, I’ll have the Anderburger with a side of Chief National fries.”

    Oh, I need a nap…

  10. @mebz72, an Anderburger with a side of Chief National fries sounds very yummy!!! lol!!!

    I do like the “Chief National” phrases…very creative!!!

    @millie, I like the “King-Sized” phrases too…perhaps we should have a vote as to which phrase (Chief National or King-Sized) to use to describe all things John…lol!!! 😀

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