Next Up: SimpsonJohn and a Blizzard

Wednesday, 08.15.07

Seeing Yellow

Shortly after the YouTube debate, a Simpsonized verson of AC and the entire debate gang was aired on CNN. Mr. Cooper had a couple of laughs upon seeing his likeness in yellow-skinned pigmentation:


Just for fun, I created a Simpsonized version of John. (The detail work on making the collars look alike was my own, BTW!)


I did see the Simpsons movie over the weekend and thought it was excellent! Although I would have to say it was not consistently funny throughout, there were enough laughs to keep me in stitches and make me not regret paying the ticket price. (I knew there would be a “naked Bart” skating sequence, but I had no idea they would actually go as far to show his “doodle”, even if it was only for a split second. Once I recovered from that shock I really enjoyed the show!)

Delivering The Weather News, Postman Style

I live along the gulf coast of Texas, and word is, there is a storm a-brewin’ out in the gulf.


It was just named TS Erin today.

Then, there is this:


And this:


And they say this is just the beginning!

I dug up an old CNN video of John out in rough weather conditions, reporting to CNN viewers some amazing extremes. Case in point: The 2006 New England Nor’easter produced blizzard conditions one day and then sunny surfable conditions the next (if surfing in 30-degree weather is your kinda thing!)






Surfing, anyone?



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4 responses to “Next Up: SimpsonJohn and a Blizzard

  1. mebz72

    You did it!!! I love it.
    I have wasted a good deal of time that last few weeks simpsonizing people. My icon is me simpsonized, but the only pic I had on hand that worked was when I had pink hair. Yes, I had completely pink hair, but that’s a story for another day.
    I have been singing Spider Pig for weeks now.
    “Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever Spider Pig does…”

  2. mebz72

    I just noticed how you put SimpsonJohn! (as I have come to call it) over top of John Roberts, ha ha.

  3. milliepip

    Yup, that used to be John Roberts under SimpsonJohn! The character came out with a tie, but since John wasn’t wearing one, I did a bit of editing on my own to make the collar match. I had too much fun doing this! I’m a dork, I know, I know…..

    Oh yeah and the Spider Pig bit in the movie was hilarious.

    I still can’t get over the fact that, after all these years, we finally find out that Bart is anatomically correct!!!

  4. mebz72

    That was indeed a shock, there was a gasp in the theater and then everyone broke out laughing when I saw it.

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