Fried Twinkies, Anyone?

Friday, 08.17.07

John has been hanging out at the Iowa State Fair this week, filing various Election 2008 reports while simultaneously enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the fair. Miss Evelyn, a reader and contributor over at All Things Anderson, had the coolest experience: she got to meet John King! She recounts the details here.

It doesn’t surprise me that John was so cordial and funny with Evelyn during her spontaneous visit. He was the same way when corresponding earlier this month for our featured Q & A session.

By the way, for those of you wondering what Fried Twinkies look like, take a peek at this:


Looks yummy… how many calories do you think one of these babies contains???



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4 responses to “Fried Twinkies, Anyone?

  1. mebz72

    Fried Twinkies are killer- culinary-wise and cardiovascular-wise. It’s deep fried with sprinkles- I’m so there. As Homer Simpson once said “now butter your bacon.”
    It’s been a mixed up few weeks with CNN playing musical anchors with everyone on vacation, but it’s good to see our favs coming back.
    Now I wish no one ill, and I certainly hope Hurricane Dean is not as bad as they are predicting. I especially hope it doesn’t hit Houston, Millie can’t stand anymore rain. But I’m also excited that Karl Penhaul is due to be covering it from Haiti. We don’t get to see him on CNN domestic nearly enough imo. Do you hear that CNN? More Karl Penhaul, and more John King (duh, that was a gimme, I mean look at the name of this blog). That doesn’t make me a bad person, right? I mean I don’t want any one to be hurt and I don’t wish destruction on anyone, but Hurricanes do create some good TV.

  2. That fired twinkie looks gross. No offense to anyone who likes them, it just looks gross…LOL!!! I’m wondering that if Hurricane Dean hits somewhere in the US will Anderson be coverving it??? It sounds weird saying this but he really is good at covering hurricanes.

    I agree that we need to see more John King on CNN, we don’t see him nearly enough…lol!!!

  3. cstkitten

    Oh lord. I’d be SO sick if I ate one of those twinkies.

  4. mebz72

    Oh come on you know you want to! It’s calling out your name “Kitten, eat me. Eat me, Kitten.”

    I would bet good money that if Hurricane Dean gets close to US soil that Anderson would be there.

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