“Get Your Pencils Ready”

Wednesday, 08.22.07

John explained recently to CNN viewers an interesting and new trend prevalent in the 2008 election season: State Primaries are getting pushed back earlier and earlier on the calendar. He points out how, just since the 2000 elections, things have rapidly changed:


By February 6, 2000, only two states – New Hampshire and Iowa – had already held their primaries to determine delegates for the Election 2000 conventions. Those states are highlighted in purple on the above map and they equated to a small percentage of the total primaries held:


And now? Take a look at these maps and the corresponding percentages. Both maps represent the trend for what will be upcoming by February of 2008:



John says that by February 6, 2008, if this calendar holds, the nominees of both parties may already be determined!

With all this going on, its a wonder if the candidates will have enough energy (and money!!) by the time the election finally rolls around in November of ’08..

Regarding the barrage of debates and fairs and other politically-themed events happening at a record pace this early on, John says, “The campaign is very different, the democratic race very different from the republican race. The Dems have a clear strong front-runner…The republican field is a fascinating jumble…this is all pre-game. [All the hype is] fun and interesting and tells you a lot about the candidates and their staffs but it is not quite ‘real’ just yet.”

That’s right, not just yet…. but it will certainly become real enough much sooner than later.

Mark your calendars! Make sure, though, that you notate your dates in pencil.


Enjoy your mid-week everyone and see you back tomorrow!


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