A Top Ten

Monday, 08.27.07 

Ok, just for the fun of it, I’m going to do something a bit different today.  I mulled around the idea of doing a top ten list of sorts.  All kinds of ideas for list topics came to my head, and I have a few coming up, but for today, I think I will stick with something light and fun.

I really enjoy new screencaps of John!  They certainly are a-plenty. But what I also come across every now and then are pictures that show John off-camera and casual.  Those are rare to find, but sometimes while searching the internet you can locate such pictures. 

Therefore, today I will post my 10 favorite pictures of John away from the camera and casual.  Some of these came from individuals who posted pictures at photo album sharing sites, and some of these pictures came from performing a random google search.

As you will see, in most of the photos he is posing with other people who I do not know, so I simply cannot give picture credit to them; my apologies to these folks. (They simply happen to be on my website because they had the good fortune of posing with John!)




















And my favorite casual picture of John: 





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12 responses to “A Top Ten

  1. Millie, I LOVE this top 10 idea!!! It’s no nice to see all these wonderful and lovely pics of John!!! I like number 3 best…he looks so cute there!!!

    Sorry I think I a bit fangirl there…LOL!!!

  2. milliepip

    Thanks ac, I will probably be doing more top ten lists as well. I thought this was a fun way to start the idea off. The next one will be the top ten reasons why we love to tune into John!!!! LOL!

  3. mebz72

    Oh, you go crazy with the John pics and you had the nerve to tell me that *I* had too much coffee today? 🙂

  4. Milie, I can’t wait to see the top ten list about why we like to tune into John….should be very interesting 😀

  5. milliepip

    @ mebz… hehehehehe

  6. Millie, I must say that these pics of John have made an otherwise borring day at work not so borring…LOL!!! Thanks 😀

  7. milliepip

    You are very welcome!

  8. Jodi006

    I have no idea how you were able to choose. Every pic I see of him is my favourite! lol

  9. milliepip

    @ Jodi, I agree, there is no such thing as a *favorite* John King picture, but it wasn’t difficult to narrow down the casual and off-camera ones because unfortunately there just aren’t that many out there… He’s not like Anderson, who has loads and loads of pictures for the browsing on the internet. John is not so “out there” so to speak, so finding good casual pictures are rather rare!

    @acanderfan, I will post the “Top Ten Reasons Why We Tune In To John” tomorrow!!

  10. Millie, I look forward to tomorrow’s list 😀
    I agree, that John isn’t as out there as Anderson is…LOL!!! I guess it is hard to have a favorite John picture although I do have a favoite Anderpic…LOL!!!

  11. milliepip

    Ok I just HAVE to ask! What is your favorite Anderpic? Can U e-mail it to me? Thanks!

  12. Yeah I’ll e-mail it to you…let me just see if photobuckt is working…it wasn’t working earlier.

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