The White House Press Room

Sunday, 9.02.07

Even though John is no longer exclusively working at The White House, I think it fitting to post a blog about the famous White House Press Room and the fact that John used to spend countless hours there. Which is his chair to be exact? I for one don’t know for certain, but Smajhar over at the foto sharing site Webshots apparently went on a White House tour in late 2002 and took a photo that claims to be John’s chair.

I wonder if that tidbit of information was pointed out during the tour or if there was some other marking indiciating who the chair belonged to. (Does that gold plate have his name on it?) Nevertheless, it is still interesting to imagine that this is the chair John used to sit in for many years while working on The White House beat:


Recently the press room went under an 11-month remodeling project. Apparently there were problems with asbestos, poor air-conditioning and general disrepair. Here are a few pictures from ABC news which show the newly-remodeled space:



It certainly looks clean, spacious and comfy. But the above is in contrast to what it used to look like:


Hardly glamorous, huh? And narrow to boot! With all the camera and crew lounging around like that it is a stark contrast to what you see on TV! (The above picture was taken by someone I know when she was on a special trip to Washington DC.)

The reason The Press Room always looks bigger on TV and in official pictures is that people are sitting or standing in the side aisles, giving it the appearance that it is wider than it really is. In actuality, before the remodeling, the rows were only about 5-6 chairs wide. The newly-remodeled room looks like they’ve added an extra chair or two to each row.

Some members at the Yahoo group were fortunate to find a few pictures of John sitting in the press room:



I wonder who gets the fortunate opportunity to sit in John’s chair now?



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7 responses to “The White House Press Room

  1. Interesting post, Millie. It looks like they did alot of work to that press room. It looked pretty bad before they fixed it up. I wonder who the lucky person is now to sit in John’s seat.

    Those pics of John sitting in the press room are adorable. He looks so cute sitting there 😀

  2. milliepip

    Thanks AC.

    I wonder myself who gets to sit in that chair, I also wonder if it is assigned seating, or first come first serve. I do know however than Helen Thomas always gets her reserved seat front row and center because of who she is!

    Yeah the pictures of John sitting in the press room are cute. They are a bit older, though, of course, because it has been several years since he was on the White House beat.

  3. Millie, I too wonder how the seating is, if it’s assigned or first come first sereve. My guess would be assigned becuase it would probably be easier knowing that when you walk in there you have a seat.

    How long has it been since John was on the White House beat??? At least 5 years??? I know it’s been quite a while.

  4. milliepip

    I believe he has been gone for just over two years… he left sometime mid 2005 I think it was. But I’ve heard they occasionally tap into him when they need White House expertise.

  5. milliepip

    You know, I was wondering what they did with the old chairs? Some of them have historical value – like Helen Thomas’ chair. If someone was smart they should have but them up on e-bay. I would have made a bid on John’s chair. I can just see it now, how it would look like with the rest of my furniture in my living room!! hee hee!!

  6. Wow…two years. I was off…LOL!!! For some reason I thought he had been gone longer from the White House beat. I wonder if he misses it.

  7. LOL, Millie!!! John’s chair in your living room. Simply becuase it was John’s chair it would go with any furntiure. I am sure that if you had his chair that you would be sitting in it all the time…LOL!!! That would be so cool to have John’s chair in your livingroom…lol!!!

    They should have auctioned off the chairs and maybe donated the money to charity or something like that.

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