Playing Catch-Up With Current Screencaps and, uh… A Dance

It has been a while since we’ve posted current caps, so today I want to play catch up and share a few from Wednesday 8-29 through Friday 8-31.  Lots and lots of gratuitous screencaping coming your way today shortly!

Before I get started, though, Kitten wrote in about a few sentiments John shared while on air the last few days in August (Is it September already?) 

I tell ya, those “Top 10 Keasons Why We Tune In To John” were not compiled for nothing! (Oops I used a double negative in a sentence – my 7th grade grammar teacher is probably rolling over in her grave right now!)

Anywho, this first exchange covers reasons #8 and #7:  his quick-witted banter and his pride as a father, respectively.

This was from last Friday’s Situation Room:

“BLITZER: He’s been President Bush’s right-hand man throughout the years in the White House and even well before that. But now Karl Rove is a former adviser to Mr. Bush, at least officially.

This was Rove’s last — last day on the job, a job marked by political acclaim and stinging criticism. After years of controversy, Karl Rove showed a rarely seen ability to poke some fun at himself in public during the White House correspondents dinner earlier this year. Remember that little dance? Watch a little bit of it right now.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): This man will never stop. Look at him, jumping up and down, ready to hop. He’s got so much to prove. And tell me you never saw this man move. (END VIDEO CLIP)

BLITZER: All right, there he is, Karl Rove, having a little fun with some journalists earlier in the year.  Our chief national correspondent, John King, is here with us.
Give us a thought, on this final day of Karl Rove at the House.

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, looking at that video, Wolf, my daughter would say, daddy, he can’t shake it.”

Here is a picture of Rove dancing so you see what the fuss is about:


I would agree with Hannah, he really can’t “drop it it like it’s hot”. 

And next there’s reason #4 on our top-ten list, which is John’s compassion. This was also from Friday’s Sitution Room:

“Just a personal note. You have to tip your hat to Tony Snow, whether you’re a Democratic or a Republican, like this administration or not. He’s been publicly battling this cancer. It was a big sacrifice for him financially and physically to serve.

I lost my dad to colon cancer 20 years ago. I know what it does to a big, strong person. So, I tip my hat to him very well.”

In February of 1994, I myself lost my father when I was a young – 21 to be exact – and although it wasn’t cancer, it was nonetheless very devastating. So I can empathize with not having your father around during your young adult (and adult) years.

Let’s move on to something on a lighter note.

Here we go with “Playing Catch Up With Current Screencaps”: 












Sidenote:  Why was John working on his birthday?  Doesn’t CNN at least give people their birthdays off??



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10 responses to “Playing Catch-Up With Current Screencaps and, uh… A Dance

  1. Aww…that’s cute..John saying what his daughter would say about Karl Rove dancing…LOL!!!

    That’s sad that John lost his dad to colon cancer 20 years ago 😦 and Millie I’m sorry that you lost your father too.

    Now on the the screencaps!!! Amazing as always!!! John is such a handsome man.

    Now I’m sure you’re going to think I am crazy for saying this, but in that first screen cap John looks like Anderson. Yeah I’m sure that I’m probably the only one who sees that…LOL!!!

  2. milliepip

    AC, I appreciate it that you are a regular commenter here… thanks a bunch! You always have such nice and positive things to say.

    John always likes to sneak in his kids names whenever he gets a chance. I bet they get a kick out of that. I mean, wouldn’t you, if your dad mentioned you live on the air?

    He actually once had them in the studio and mentioned that as well. How sweet.

    Losing my father was difficult. He passed away in his sleep 13 1/2 years ago. He was fine one day and gone the next. Well, he had been under a lot of personal stress and wasn’t the healthiest in his eating and excercising habits,which may have contributed. But it was devastating nonetheless.

    I’m sorry but I’m not quite there with you on seeing the resemblance of John to AC…… but yeah he looks smashing! I especially like the pictures where he is interviewing Mitt Romney… *swoon*… and Mr. Romney ain’t too bad lookin’ either!!!

    p.s. I’ve seen the entire Rove dance video and I hate to say it but he came across as just one big dork.

  3. I love this blog Millie!!! It’s nice to have a place to discuss John. I like coming here and learing new things about John and being able comment on various things about him.

    I think it’s sweet that John mentions his kids whenever he can. You can just tell that he loves his kids more than anything. That’s cool that he had them in the studio once. He’s such a good dad. That would be cool to have your dad mention you on TV whenever he could…LOL!!!

    I’m sorry to hear about your father 😦 I bet that was a shock 😦

    I didn’t think anyone would agree with me that John looks like Anderson in that screencap. That look on John’s face…I’ve seen it on Anderson’s a million times…LOL!!! I especially like the screencap of John where he is outside and the boats are behind him…GREAT pic!!! 😀

    I’ve seen the Karl Rove dance video too…it’s pathetic. That man simply cannot dance at all…LOL!!! I wonder if John can dance??? That I would like to see 😀

  4. milliepip

    John dancing… oooh! Now THAT would be a sight to see!

  5. mebz72

    Karl Rove dancing gives me a major case of the creeps. Eww. He should stick to figuring out how to get 51% of the vote.

    Millie- I’ve very sorry about your father. I can’t imagine what I would do without my father around tomorrow.

    acanderfan- I was just watching some of your AC vids on YouTube, very nice. Ever thought about putting one together about JK?

    Remember our discussion about fried food? Well I noticed on CNN’s crawl yesterday that deep fried cookie dough was voted the best fried food at some state fair. Can you imagine?

  6. milliepip

    Yum! I love cookie dough! But I can’t imagine deep-frying it, though. That would be a sure-fire recipe for a tummy-ache.

    Yes, AC, that would be cool if you could come up with a JK video! Of course I would post it none other than here at johnthenewsking, if you would oblidge!

  7. mebz72

    I know we say this a lot, but even that is not enough so…
    John King is a handsome bugger.
    I feel better now.

  8. @Millie and Mebz, I could try to make a John video. I’ll give it a shot next week. Glad you like my videos though 😀

  9. milliepip

    “A handsome bugger”

    tee hee hee, that made me laugh!!!!

  10. mebz72

    I live to please.
    Now I’m off to watch the Daily Show.

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