John In Des Moines

Thursday, 9.06.07  

John was in Des Moines today, reporting about the “late” entry into the Presidential Campaign of Fred Thompson.  I captured a really, really great picture of John smiling while he was being interviewed by John Roberts who was in the CNN studio:


That was just great luck in pausing the video at the exact right moment!!  John was giggling about a question posed to him by Roberts, in reference to how Fred Thompson can ever afford being in the race.

John says: “It is not too late as long as he comes out of the block strong”.

Here are John and Candy on the split screen with Roberts. He introduced them as “Two members of the best political team on televsion.”  As if John or Candy haven’t heard that one before!!!


An interesting graphic was displayed:


Only a day into his official annoucement and Thompson is in 2nd place in the polls!!  Those are the overall figures.  However, Roberts points out that when you break it down state by state his percentages fluctuate.

John closes by saying that many conservative republicans want to see a “new flavor” in the race.

New flavor?  Hmm.  How about “Thompson’s Rocky Road Ice Cream”?


ANYONE joining the presidential race, no matter how early or how late,  is going to have a “rocky road” ahead of them.

Have a good evening everyone and see you tomorrow!



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6 responses to “John In Des Moines

  1. Millie, that is a great screencap of John. He always looks so cute when he’s laughing. Wednesday nite John was on 360 and it was good to see him on there…it was already a good show that nite but seeing him on there made it that much more enjoyable 😀 I agree that anyone wanting to be president has a rocky road ahead of them.

    This is kind of off topic but I wonder how many states that John has been too.

  2. milliepip

    I believe I once read somewhere that he said he has been to all 50 states…. I’ve seen a lot of handsome pictures of John but the one I posted today sure takes the cake.

  3. That’s cool that John has been to all 50 states. I wonder which one he likes the best. That pic of him laughing is very cute!!! He looks cute when he’s laughing or has a smile on his face 😀

  4. milliepip

    Yeah that would be interesting to know which state he likes the best. I am sure he is partial to his home state of Massachusetts though. I’ve also heard him talk about the picturesque beauty of Arizona.

  5. I’m sure that Massachusettes holds a specail place in his heart. I bet Arizona is pretty. Next time he’s in Georgia (and I happen to know about it) maybe I’ll try to meet hin…LOL!!! 😀

  6. milliepip

    Yeah, you were lucky enough to meet Anderson, maybe you will be lucky enough some day to meet John!

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