Fill ‘Er Up With Hydrogen, Please

Friday, 9.07.07  

A while back I wanted to do a post about John’s July 2006 report on a prototype GM vehicle that runs on hydrogen and emits water. I didn’t get to it at the time, though, because I was having some problems saving pictures from the CNN video. However, I’ve got the kinks worked out and here is an opening shot of that report:


John says it is “a car whose maker says you could actually drink the exhaust liquid…[and it will] will drive you very far on zero, zero gasoline.”

Some features?

Adjust the air conditioning with the click of a mouse.

Shift it with the push of a button from park into drive.


Room for a family and a range, 300 miles, similar to most gasoline-powered options on the road today.

Brakes and steering are electrical, wired to a computer, replacing the mechanical systems that have been in cars since the beginning.


And when will these remarkable vehciles be available? Oh, in probably 10 years or so, says John.

Some of the drawbacks? How about the sticker price of a Ferarri (yikes!) as well as “cutting the cost of the hydrogen storage system and fuel cells.”

In addition, GM has to “work with energy companies and governments to establish codes and standards and to make the fuel available.”


Oh, the perks of being a Chief National Correspondent!







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3 responses to “Fill ‘Er Up With Hydrogen, Please

  1. mebz72

    Ooh, this was one of my favorite reports that John did last year. Not exactly sure why, it wasn’t a big, breaking story, but it was very well done. Thanks.

  2. Interesting post Millie. I vaguely rememeber this story from last year. I don’t think I want that car though (OK so maybe if it came with John in it I may want it…LOL). But seriously it is way too expensive, who wants to drive a car that you push a button and it shifts from park to drive??? It almost sounds like it dirves it’s slef and you’re just there in case something goes wrong. And the hydrogen tanks…where do they go. I think I remeber seeing a show once about a hydrogen car and I think the tanks were in the trunk. And where does one puchase hydrogen for a car??? Becuase I have never seen a hyrdrgen station. Besides I like driving and I think this car does that for you…no fun 😦

    Now let me get all fangirl for a moment…LOL!!! Wouldn’t you just love to go for a dirve with John??? I think that would be so mich fun and he looks so nice behind the wheel…LOL!!! 😀

  3. mebz72

    *G* I love it when you turn all fangirl. No matter what is coming, I know it’s going to be good.

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