Worrisome Quakes and Storms

Wednesday, 9.12.07 

After yesterday’s somber post, I was hoping to write something today that would lighten up the mood a bit. But unfortunately upon turning to CNN this morning a couple of events just occurred that (literally) have shaken things up.


Hard to imagine that the poor souls in Indonesia have to go through this AGAIN. 8.2 on the Richter Scale! Since it is still early on in the reporting, there have been some conflicting reports, and I know Rob Marciano has gotten his hands full, but there were talks of 2-foot waves as well as 7-foot waves spotted.

Then, I checked out the national hurricane weather website and came across this:


It’s not expected to be a major storm but the problem round these parts is the heavy rain, possible stalling and flooding. I wasn’t living in Houston in 2001 when TS Allison came through and stalled and dumped massive amounts of rain over a period of 5 days, but today’s early reports at the Houston Chronicle website indicate that this is a possibility that is on everyone’s mind. Hopefully, though, it will just blow through with minimal flooding. At least I don’t live in a neighborhood that is prone to flooding everytime several inches of rain fall.

Then, there is ANOTHER tropical hot-spot that the hurricane center is reporting:



I hope all these tropical storms pass quickly and uneventfully.

The earthquake, of course, is another matter entirely. Although of course more details about the quake and its after effects will become more available as the day progresses. It is still horrible nonetheless to know that this is all going on right at the moment as I sit here and type.

I don’t know to what extent John will be reporting about on these events, but I will update here if I get any details.

(I may be writing my next post while wearing my rubber galoshes! lol.)


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