Cheerio Old Chap, John is in London!

Friday, 9.19.07

The following information was posted at the political ticker this morning:

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani “crosses the pond” today for meetings, a fundraiser and to deliver a speech to a prominent conservative group. CNN’s John King is with Giuliani in London and will interview the Republican presidential hopeful.While in London, Giuliani will meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and former Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. Giuliani also “has a conversation with and takes questions” from Winston Churchill’s granddaughter Celia Sandys and gives the first Inaugural “Margaret Thatcher Atlantic Bridge Lecture”.

Tune into CNN later today to hear King’s discussion with the former mayor turned presidential hopeful.

This means we’ll get some great overseas reporting from John later on today!!! I am looking forward to watching what he has to tell us about Giuliani’s trip, and of course you’ll get some great recaps here at johnthenewsking.


And just yesterday John put together this piece about the changing regulations on travel expenses for Presidential Candidates. John specifically mentions Giuliani in the report and says his (Giuliani’s) records show over $400,000 in reimbursements for private planes.

I wonder how much this London trip is going to cost Giuliani?



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8 responses to “Cheerio Old Chap, John is in London!

  1. mebz72

    “How come every time you come around my London, London Bridge wanna go down…”

    I realize that Fergie is referencing something sexual, but I just can’t figure out what. Does that make me stupid? Am I missing something obvious?

  2. milliepip

    I have no idea. Never heard the song.

    I can’t believe your mind is in the gutter after I work so hard trying to make this blog family-friendly! lol!!

    Just kidding my dear, I think you are a hoot!!

  3. Mille, great post as always!!! I liked John’s piece about the changing travel regulations…very interesting. Can’t wait to see the screencaps from John in London 😀

    Mebz, now whenever I turn on the TV an see John in London I’ll have that Fergie song stuck in my head…LOL!!!

  4. mebz72

    I live to please.

  5. I saw John on American Morning and I started laughing becuase I thought of that Fergie song…LOL!!! I don’t need my mind going into the gutter about John…it’s already in the gutter about Anderson 😀

  6. Millie

    Actually whenever I hear a song by Fergie I think of John (not because of my mind being in the gutter, lol) but because he mentioned in his Q and A that by default he listens to Fergie since she is a favorite of Noah and Hannah.

    I googled the London Bridge Lyrics. Jiminy Cricket!!! Does that get aired on the radio? If so there’s gotta be a whole lot of bleeping going on!

    The one that I sometimes I can’t get out of my head is “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

  7. Jeanne

    My daughter listens to Fergie, too. (My favorite is “Big Girls Don’t Cry”)
    In addition to listening to her music, I enjoy classical, instrumental, and Celtic. I loved the European groups when I lived in The Netherlands. Thanks for the posts and caps!

  8. Millie

    AC, Your mind being in the gutter about Anderson is just TMI !!!!! LOL

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