Interview From Across The Pond

Thursday, 9.20.07  

Kitten has capped some nice screenshots of John’s interview with Rudy Giuliani whilst they were in London. Thanks Kitten, you are doing a superb job! You are much appreciated! 🙂

John’s meeting with Giuliani was aired during yesterday’s Situation Room broadcast. Take a peek:








The interview can be seen here.

I hope John has a safe and pleasant return trip home!



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7 responses to “Interview From Across The Pond

  1. mebz72

    Oooo, look at the new layout. Very Nice.
    Thanks Kitten and Millie for the screencaps, they never cease to make me happy.
    Don’t worry, I won’t sing any more Fergie songs. But I’m thinking them!

  2. Millie

    Thanks, I’m glad you like the new layout. I was experimenting with some looks and this one suited me the best. I also like that it has a calendar.

    Also glad you liked the screencaps. The ones from London were splendid. Although in that last picture looks like he is a bit jet-lagged! I hope John is having a good time over there.

    Wouldn’t you just love to sit down in a London pub with John and shoot the breeze?

  3. Millie first let me say that I LOVE this new layout 😀

    GREAT screencaps of John, especially the second one…how cute!!!

    And yes, I still have that Fergie song stuck in my head. Thanks Mebz…LOL!!!

  4. Millie

    Thanks, I am glad you like the layout. Credit the great screencaps to Kitten! She TiVos TSR so we can later on bask in the JohnJoy!

  5. Well thank you Kitten for the wonderful screencaps of John 😀

  6. mebz72

    *evil laugh* I’ve managed to plant catchy pop music into your heads. My plans for world domination are working! *more evil laughing*

  7. I knew it!!! i knew Mebz was trying to dominate the world….LOL!!! 😀

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