Still Reporting From London

Friday, 9.21.07 

Even though Giuliani is back on US soil – and he made it on time to make a speech to the NRA – CNN is still airing John’s reports from London.  He  filed a report for TSR this afternoon (see below) and spoke with Carol Costello, who was subbing for Wolf today.

Here are some videocaps of John in London:

The wind was a bit choppy. I guess the weather over there must already be getting crisp – but it looked nice! Just a few clouds and a breeze.

These videocaps are from John’s report today on TSR when he was speaking with Costello. (His video voice-over can be viewed here.)

Check out the double-decker and the typical London cab!

Now, If I had been driving down that street and saw John King doing a stand-up piece I probably would have been so distracted I would’ve ended up rear-ending the car in front of me due to not paying attention to the road!!!

But I digress.

Here is the transcript from this afternoon’s report transmitted back over to the United States. In it, he discusses Americans living overseas who are making a political impact on Election 2008:

COSTELLO: In the race for the White House, any candidate will tell you every vote counts. That’s why many of them are crisscrossing the country, even going outside the country looking for those votes.From London, here’s CNN’s chief national correspondent, John King — John.

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Carol, London is famous as the home of the queen, and of course for its double-decker buses. Not the first place to come to mind as a competitive battleground in American politics.


KING (voice over): A civics lesson at a place known more for its contributions to the global economy. Americans far away from home looking to shape the race for president. Democrats in this case, loaded with election calendars and voter registration information and memories still of the one that got away.

MARGO MILLER, FORMER CHAIR, DEMOCRATS ABROAD U.K.: I think 2000 was one of the real mobilizing factors for getting up the overseas votes, because, suddenly, everybody realized that the vote from abroad makes a difference, and we can be the critical votes.

KING: Margo Miller worked in the Clinton Justice Department, but now lives in London and just stepped down as head of Democrats Abroad. It’s hardly a one-sided affair.

MILLER: There are a quarter-of-a-million Americans here in the U.K. There are millions of Americans around the world, and we are every — every year that we do voter registration, we’re finding more people who have been overseas for years and haven’t registered to vote, didn’t realize they could register to vote.

KING: Republican Rudy Giuliani’s London visit this week included a fund-raising luncheon. American citizens who live overseas can still contribute to campaigns back home.

RUDOLPH GIULIANI (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This is an audience we want to reach, both for the purpose of fund-raising. And, then, you know, one of these elections, you never know if it isn’t the absentee ballots, or the out-of-town ballots, or the — the Americans living overseas that will make the difference.

KING: Barack Obama’s campaign was active at a Democrats Abroad meeting in London this week.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you know about the fund-raiser on the 15th?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’m already signed up.

KING: Michelle Obama is due here for a fund-raiser next month, as is another high-powered spouse.All the activity can make one forget this is the United Kingdom, not the United States.

MILLER: And people have been working for candidates for months already. After each debate screening, we show them two days after they’re — they’re shown in the States. We divide up to see who is supporting which candidate. And we’re already seeing movement as well from one candidate to another. So, it feels like we’re much farther along in the process.

KING: Some of the work, like this voter registration drive, is done the old-fashioned way. (on camera): And this is yet another example of how the Internet is revolutionizing politics, making it much easier to navigate what was once a different maze of state bureaucracies that discouraged many Americans living overseas from registering and voting — Carol.


COSTELLO: John King, from London, thank you.



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4 responses to “Still Reporting From London

  1. mebz72

    I’ll try not to go all gushy, but, man, I love that shirt!

    I imagine the cab driver was thinking “Who’s the bloody Yank standing in the street?”

  2. Millie

    Hee Hee, Mebz that is bloody funny!

    I posted this at yahoo, but I’ll add it here, too: I’m confused.

    On John’s “live” report yesterday afternoon from TSR he was wearing the same outfit you see from a video posted at the CNN website the day BEFORE yesterday.

    Either he’s wearing the same outfits two days
    in a row or CNN does clever editing to make you think that a reporter is making a live report.

    I agree, he looks good in that shirt and coat!!!

  3. mebz72

    I don’t think it was live. I was pretty sure it was a taped piece.

  4. WOW…Great screencaps. He looks so handsome in that shirt. I agree with you Millie, that if I had been driving and seen John I too probbaly would have crashed…LOL!!!

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