Another Top Ten… And A Bogeywoman?

Tuesday, 9.25.07 

Today I am going to post  a different kind of “top ten” list than my two previous such entries. I’d like to share some impromptu banter and funny quips from John that I’ve dug up from old CNN transcripts I’m sure you will enjoy.

But first!

Ah yes, I like to tease… (This hasn’t been the first time I have done so at the blog and probably won’t be the last!!! hehehe)

John took literally not much of a break after his London trip and got right back into the swing of things. He was reporting yesterday about how Senator Clinton is perceived as a “GOP Bogeywoman” in the campaign.


I truly thought that was a strange use of word play, but apparently the phrase nevertheless found itself entering into the minds of some editors at CNN who decided to roll it across the screen during John’s piece.  Not the most flattering description, but obviously someone over there at CNN must have given the green light on that one. Go figure!

Below are some screencaps from John’s appearance in The Situation Room during yesterday’s broadcast and subsequent discussion of “The GOP Bogeywoman”:

Kitten summed up John’s report thusly: “[Yesterday John] was interviewing Republicans who were discussing Bush’s statement that it looks more and more like Hillary’s going to be the Dems choice and how tough it’ll be to beat her… that should be the “oomph” Republicans need to get out there and vote because they HATE Senator Clinton and hate the thought of Madame President even more.”

Well, on with the countdown!  I present to you:

A Top Ten List of John’s Impromptu Banter and Funny Quips!

Note: I’ve had to edit some dialogue with (…) for brevity’s sake and all text is taken from CNN transcripts unless otherwise noted.

Onward we go!

# 10.  February 13, 2006:

“MILES O’BRIEN: Let’s talk about the blizzard of ’06. Geez. You know, in New England, they always talk about the big storm in ’78. John King was — let’s see, he was about 16 years old. Living in Dorchester at the time when that happened, I think. And now he’s out on the Cape at the very tip end of the elbow of the Cape… And John King, how is it looking up there? Because, you know, I know there’s a huge problem with beach erosion there. And I know every time there’s a big storm that comes through, they’re worried they lose a little more of the beach.

JOHN KING, CNN ANCHOR: That is a big worry, Miles. And you mentioned Dorchester and the blizzard of ’78. I remember making igloos about this high. We had walls this high and no school for a couple of weeks back in those days. So the kids back to school today or will be tomorrow — most schools in Massachusetts are closed — will be quite jealous of us, I guess, for those days way back then. ”

#9. May 24, 2006

“KING: Time now for ‘The Shot of the Day’. Check out this little boy. This is amazing. He got away from his mom at Kansas City’s Union Station and did a little dance on top of sand art, destroying it.

HILL: Oh, my gosh…

KING: … And the best part, I think, was the mom just grabbing him arm and getting him out of there… Scoot him out. Scoot him out.”

#8. June 2006 Interview With Dick Cheney, taken from White House website

“JOHN KING: …critics say, Dick Cheney has become this dark, nefarious force (emphasis Millie’s) in the administration…True?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: …I suppose people sometimes look at my demeanor and say, well, he’s the Darth Vader of the administration.”

#7. June 19, 2007

“RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: John, as you will know, it’s the oldest political trick in the book. When you want to burnish up your international credentials, you get on a plane, cross the pond, and visit the other side of the Atlantic… It’s safe, safe, safe… Fred Thompson is visiting the former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Now, that’s a new one, wrapping yourself in Margaret Thatcher’s skirt. John, back to you.

KING: A day without Richard Quest is a day without sunshine.”

#6. June 22, 2006

“ABBI TATTON, CNN INTERNET REPORTER: John, today’s study is the most comprehensive study to date of the global warming research. It was requested by the chairman of the House Committee on Science after questions were raised about the accuracy of previous studies on global warming. Specifically, this one, it is known as the hockey stick graph, for it’s shape here, indicating a sharp rise in the Earth’s temperature in recent years. Today’s study looked at that research and a number of other studies and concluded that yes, indeed, temperatures of the Earth, in recent decades have been on the rise. And responsible for much of this warming, human activity. John, we’ve linked to the whole thing at

KING: Interesting stuff. And you know, Wolf Blitzer is from Buffalo, he would know what a hockey stick is.”

#5. November 6, 2006

“BLITZER : Let’s bring in our chief national correspondent, John King, one of the best reporters, arguably the best political reporter here in Washington. You’ve got some news that you’ve been working on. You are an excellent reporter…. Thanks very much.

KING: Sure.

BLITZER: As I said, one of the best — arguably the best political reporter in town.

KING: Dial that back a bit (ph).

BLITZER: John, thanks very much.


BLITZER: Jack Cafferty is part of the best political team on television, as well. Don’t you think John King is a terrific reporter?

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You know, you’re not going to get me to start sucking up to John King. I mean I like John King a lot but…


CAFFERTY: … you know, it’s — you should be in P.R. Wolf, you know that? I mean if you would like not ever do this, you could do public relations, because you like everybody, you get along with everybody. I should take lessons from you.


CAFFERTY: That ain’t going to happen.”

#4. June 19, 2007

“COSTELLO … Driving can lead to needless death and sin, so pray and remember, the drivers’ Ten Commandments… if you find yourself in a state of road rage, the Vatican says, make the sign of the cross over and over and it will calm you. And of course you’ll have to keep that other hand on the wheel, John.

KING: That’s not the sign we often see from people in the middle of road rage, is it?

COSTELLO: No, no, that’s in the commandments. You’re not allowed to do that one.

KING: I suspect I may have sinned in the past but never again.”

#3. June 19, 2007

“JACK CAFFERTY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: John, some of New York City’s poorest residents will soon get cash rewards for good behavior… Possible rewards include $25 for attending a parent-teacher conference, $25 a month for elementary and middle school kids with 95 percent attendance records, $50 for getting a library card, $100 for each family member who sees a dentist every six months, $150 a month for adults who work full-time, $200 for visiting a doctor every year and $400 if you graduate high school…

KING: I’m just grateful that Noah and Hannah King are away on a camping trip and nowhere near a television so they don’t get the idea. ”

# 2. September 22, 2006

“CAFFERTY: Thank you, John. A new British poll out shows that 40 percent of the people there would be willing to give up sex if it meant they would live to be 100 years old. The question is, would you? John King is already on record as saying absolutely not… If you didn’t see your e-mail here, go to You can read some more of these online — John.

KING: You say more of them, Jack. I bet you can’t put all of them online.

CAFFERTY: Well, no, but I mean, it’s a family show. We got hundreds of these, and most of them are cute and in the vein that we kind of expected. You know, it was just a fun question.

KING: I answered your question. Now you answer your question.

CAFFERTY: Absolutely not.

KING: Amen. We stand together, Brother Cafferty and I.”

#1 July 19, 2007

“JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: …Obama’s campaign told ABC News the senator does not support teaching explicit sex-ed to kindergarteners, but for example if a child asks a teacher, he should be able to tell them that babies don’t come from storks. Of course, the next question is likely to be then where do they come from?…

KING: Babies don’t come from storks?

CAFFERTY: John, we don’t have time for this.

KING: Jack Cafferty, you are right about that. Thank you.”

(If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for a future top ten topic, please e-mail me at



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6 responses to “Another Top Ten… And A Bogeywoman?

  1. Millie, great post as usual. Number three was really cute. I like that John mentions his kids whenever he gets the chance too. You can tell that he really loves them.

  2. mebz72

    My favorite has to be #2. I remember laughting so hard at that, the look on Jack Cafferty’s face was priceless.
    I’m strangely proud that I have seen all of these and remember them. Wow, I just realized that I watch a lot of CNN. Maybe I should cut back? Nah.

  3. Millie

    I like all of them, obviously!! But 1 2 and 3 are ranked in that order for a reason. Too cute!!

    I’m still surprised CNN called Clinton a Bogeywoman. It just doesn’t seem like fair and objective use of words when reporting.

    Sure, the concept of her image in the eyes of the GOP is a story worth reporting about, but they certainly could have used a better word!!!

    This is one of the few times I think CNN has missed it mark in reporting, IMHO.

  4. cstkitten

    Another funny moment was last November – John was discussing how young Master King told his father that he’d better be getting a Wii for Christmas or he was voting him off as dad. That clip has always made me chuckle!

    Millie – I think CNN just used the Bogeywoman word because she scares the Republicans so badly. She’s their [Halloween] Michael Myers – they’ve already had 8 years of a Clinton in the White House – they don’t want a sequel!!! 🙂

  5. Millie

    Ha Ha that is cute, I can just imagine Noah probably got a Wii indeed with that kind of voting power!!!. Those games sound like they are a lot of fun!

    Oh, I get why they used the word Bogeywoman, but it just sounds so… so… oh I don’t know, just plain odd.

    Sounds more like something Jon Stewart would say on the Daily Show, but not like something you would normally expect to hear on CNN, much less see splashed across the TV screen like that in words.

  6. That’s cute…John’s son wanting a Wii and threating to vote John off as his dad. For some reason I have a feeling that Noah got a Wii for Christmas…LOL!!!

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