The Baltimore 4

Friday, 9.28.07

Yesterday, in The Situation Room, John explained why the top four Republican presidential candidates did not make it to the doorstep of a debate sponsored by PBS and African American journalists. The debate, held last night in Baltimore, was conducted sans Giuliani, Romney, McCain and Thompson.


Do you think the media will start branding them as “The Baltimore 4”?

Here is John on The Situation Room discussing the issue:




The reason for the no shows?

Scheduling conflicts.

Although such conflicts may at first appear a like generic response to the issue at hand, John explained that this early on with so many candidates still in the playing field, so many events going on and so many interest groups and news organizations vying for debate forums, it is inevitable that scheduling problems will arise.

Regardless, though, John points out that not attending this particular debate simply doesn’t look good because of “simmering doubt” of republican commitment to minority interests.

When the playing field is narrowed down, John goes on to report, these types of issues shouldn’t happen as often, especially when it gets down to the final two candidates next year.

“That’s a wrap, folks” for today’s John King news.


(My apologies, but Teddy the Magician does not have any surprises for you today. But you never know when he may re-appear!)



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4 responses to “The Baltimore 4

  1. Mebz72

    No need to apologize, I missed this yesterday. Thank you.

  2. GREAT John screencaps. Normally I find politics to be extremely borring, yet somehow John can make it interesting.

  3. Millie

    Funny that you should say that, AC, because I am the same way. I’m normally not into politics so much either, because so many issues are complex and tedious. I tend to have a one track mind at times, so some political issues just go right over my head….

    But it’s always great to have John break it down for us lay people!

  4. John does break down politics for us lay people…LOL!!! I’m like you Millie, I tend to have a one track mind and for me alot of the political issues just go right over my head. But sometimes John can actually break it down so I can actually understand what is being talked about…lol!!!

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