A Malfunction Of The Non-Wardrobe Kind

Sunday, 9.30.07

On Friday’s TSR John had a little problem with his audio equipment. His microphone wasn’t working properly for a moment while he was in the middle of discussing the upcoming quarterly fundraising reports due out shortly by the ’08 presidential candidates.

Here’s how it occurred as detailed in the transcript from Friday’s show:

BLITZER: We’re only two days away from another campaign fund- raising quarter. The president candidates are scrambling to pack more into their war chest before the deadline. The quarterly reports offering a window into how the campaigns are doing.Our chief national correspondent, John King, is here.John, first of all, what are we learning about what the announcement, the state of the campaigns — the financial state of the campaigns, what we expect to hear in the next few days?

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Most of the campaigns, Wolf, reluctant to give those numbers, in part because the candidates (INAUDIBLE). On the Democratic side, everyone will be watching the very competitive fund-raising race between Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. And…

BLITZER: Hold on. I’m going to give you a microphone because we’re — start again from the beginning, John, because we’re — we’ve got a little — this is a live show. That’s what happens on live television.

All right. This microphone we hope will be working.

We were talking about how much money these campaigns are going to be announcing they have raised in this new quarter.

KING: And the big challenge on the Democratic side everyone will be watching is Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. They have been very competitive in raising money. She, of course, is way ahead in the polls.

Now I didn’t see this myself, but Kitten says he handled the whole thing smoothly. She capped a few stills with John holding the microphone:





Kitten says “John started speaking and apparently the only one who could hear him talk was himself! Someone hid behind the desk and slipped him a hand held mic and he started over. He didn’t realize [the audio problem] I don’t think until someone handed him the mic, then he made a little joke about it and joked at the end about handing the mic back.”

Handled like a real trooper and with a dash of good ol’ JK humor!

I’ve never seen him on TV in the middle of a live blooper, but when I asked John during our Q and A about the funniest thing that ever happened to him on live TV he said:

“In my early days I literally sweat through my shirts I was so scared. Wasn’t funny at the time, but it is now! Once at the White House there was a raging thunder and lightning storm and the anchors kept asking me questions. I am told it was half funny half frightening. I am not sure I was funny enough to carry the moment, but I once did the Daily Show from the White House lawn. If you watch at all you know John Stewart fakes it – their “reporters” stand in front of fake backdrops. Well he saw the real deal behind me and we had a good laugh about it. Again, I was a little nervous and so probably not as funny as it should have been.”

On a related note:

I came across these CNN blooper videos that I thought you all would enjoy. They are mostly from the late-80’s to the mid-90’s, so John wasn’t around when they aired. There are quite a few bloopers, though, with Wolf Blitzer that are hilarious!

Many of the anchors and reporters you see in the videos are no longer with CNN, but there are some who are still around, so it is interesting to see a young Larry King and young Miles O’Brien in some funny live situations. Many of the anchors and reporters handled these situations very gracefully, I might add!

I’m sure at the time, many of the bloopers weren’t so laughable for all the CNN anchors, reporters and background crew, but now looking back I bet even they can chuckle about them.

(Crank callers on live CNN segments are particularly funny to watch – the expressions on the anchors’ faces are often priceless!)

More bloopers from the same guy who put these together are linked here.



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4 responses to “A Malfunction Of The Non-Wardrobe Kind

  1. Millie

    The clip that cracked me up the most was Larry King “rearranging” his, um, shirt, in his pants as it was being announced that his show was coming on!! (seen at at 2:57 on the second video)

  2. Mille, yet another great post. Too bad I wasn’t watching TSR on friday. That would have been cute to see. I like how John just takes everything in stride and dosen’t really let things get to him. I noticed that it’s been a while since we have seen John on 360. I like when he’s on there, and I hope to see him on soon 😀

  3. Millie

    Thanks AC.

    BTW, what was the funniest blooper you liked the most from the video collection?

  4. Probaly the Larry King one, the one you said. Just something about that…very weird and very odd yet very funny 😀

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