Planes, No Trains, and Automobiles

Tuesday, 10.09.07 

John’s ride with John McCain on the Election Express was not the first time he climbed aboard a campaign bus this political season to interview a Presidential Candidate.   

In early September, John was in Sioux City Iowa, following Fred Thompson on the campaign trail:



I first thought they were aboard CNN’s Election Express, until a side view shot of the bus with Thompson’s name appeared at the bottom left of the multi-screen panel:


It was Fred Thompson’s own set of smooth wheels traveling across the landscape of America!John’s video, “On The Bus With Fred”  covers his interview with the late-entering candidate, who is in an amazingly good position, considering he has not been in the running very long. 

Now, I’ve done some election pieces about John and planes, John and automobiles, but alas no pieces about John and trains. 

In this day and age, super-dee-duper buses substitute for the times when Presidential Candidates used to reach the common folk by train…


Do any of ya think this train looks “sexy”?  Those speaker horns on top look pretty snazzy to me!


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