A Slam Dunk

Wednesday, 10.10.07 

Ok, so I’ve covered lots of topics about John King in the past few months, ranging from politics (obviously) to strange cuisines and heart palpitations, but here’s a subject I haven’t touched yet: basketball!

For starters, to give this post some ambiance, check out this Washington Wizards video compilation which includes some pretty electrifying, pump-you-up music. I like to listen to this with the volume turned way up!

From what I gather, John is a big basketball fan, and so are his kids Noah and Hannah. Check out this cute banter taken from a Situation Room transcript back on January 20, 2006, which aired after Jack Cafferty posed the question “Why aren’t college students better prepared?”

KING: You missed it, Jack. I had Noah and Hannah King right here in THE SITUATION ROOM a little bit earlier today. I’m supposed to take them to a basketball game. I sent them off to do some homework.

CAFFERTY: Really? You’re a tough guy.


KING: I am sometimes. Not enough.

CAFFERTY: The only reason you did that is because you had to work tonight, instead of going to the game yourself.

KING: We are going to go late. It’s a secret, though.



KING: Thank you, Jack

And, according to this Washinton Post article, John says “I splurge on vacations with my children and on Wizards season tickets — because my kids, Noah and Hannah, love basketball.”

Below is a picture of John attending an NBA All-Star Practice game in 2002:


The following information comes from the Getty Images website which credits the picture:

“Sharing some VIP front row seats at the NBA All Star practices 09 February 2002 are CNN’s White House Correspondent John King (L) and former Clinton White House Senior Advisor and current NBA executive Doug Sosnick (R) as Philadelphia 76ers guard, Allen Iverson(C), takes a shot during a practice session for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game 10 February 2002 in Philadelphia. AFP PHOTO/ Paul J. RICHARDS (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)”

Ok, now here’s a question for ya:

What could possibly be cooler than combining the NBA, a plethora of media gurus, and the ca-ching! of Vegas?

Why nothing, really… except perhaps for an NBA All-Star Technology Summit!

John attended this event last February at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. (Hey it was a tough job assignment, but somebody had to do it!!)


Here is the press release from that event:

“This February in Las Vegas, the eighth annual NBA All-Star Technology Summit will open its doors to an invitation-only group of industry executives for a series of conversations about media, technology and our increasingly digital society. As with each of the previous seven Summits, a lively and thoughtful group of industry-leading panelists will debate the challenges and opportunities that lie at the nexus of sports and digital media.

Leading those discussions, these sessions have featured an extraordinary lineup of prominent media personalities (click here for list of Past Participants). The panels have been moderated by top names in broadcasting including Wolf Blitzer, Jeff Greenfield, Ernie Johnson, Jr., Larry King, Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos and Anderson Cooper. This year, as the ‘lean back’ generation of viewers gives way to gaming and the ‘user generated’ movement of fans as producers and participants, industry leaders will discuss the implications of these changes for sports, media and technology companies and share their vision for what to expect from the next generation of fans. We look forward to yet another challenging and stimulating day of discussions.”

John was the moderator for the summit topic “Inside the Debate on Sports Gambling”. Here are some pictures of him while he was leading that session:




The topic was summarized thusly:

“Mainstream Americans have accepted and actively participate in sports gambling—in fact, seven out of 10 adults placed a sports wager in the past year, with $600 billion changing hands as a result. Yet sports leagues and governing bodies have maintained a long-standing industry taboo against sports betting, with historically well-grounded reasons. Where does that leave sports fans, broadcasters and leagues? How has the internet changed gaming, and what are the prospects and implications of an online betting universe that thrives without the participation or sanction of sports governing bodies? What are the differences and similarities between sports gambling and fantasy sports and how do they influence sports broadcasts and viewing? Panelists take a good, hard look at the perception, reality, challenges and opportunities behind this hot button issue.”

Of course I know that “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” but dang, I sure would have liked to have been a fly on the wall during that summit!

I also found out from the Summit Website that John has participated in this annual event since 2002. Here are the panels and topics he has hosted in the past:

2002 in Philadelphia: “Harnessing Content to Drive New Revenue”
2003 in Atlanta: “Digital Transactions Come of Age”
2004 in Beverly Hills: “Market Transformations: The Next Evolution in E-Commerce”
2005 in Denver: “Community Without Borders”
2006 in Houston: “The Promise of Wireless Commerce”

Have a good day everyone and thanks for stopping by.



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11 responses to “A Slam Dunk

  1. Katie

    Wow, I don’t think that I’ll ever look at ties the same way again. =) Great post!

  2. Millie

    Ties? Yes, he has nice ties but that didn’t particularly stick out for me in this entry. I was rather intrigued though by his hands… John sure has an expressive way of using his hands when he is speaking and making a point!

    Or… were you referring to the amazing tie-breaking basket shots in the video??

    I just wanted to do something different than Election 2008 for a change.

    Glad you liked the post Katie!

  3. mebz72

    That was some pretty sweet “pump up” music. But I gotta say that good music is the only thing that can make Basketball exciting for me. It is one of my least favorite sports. I could probably go to a game because there is beer, nachos and people, but to watch a game on TV would put me to sleep.
    *bad John King fan*

  4. Katie

    omg, I’m sorry! I was talking about the link to the Washington Post article. John compared guys and ties to women and shoes.

  5. Millie

    Ah yes, the WP article does talk about how he likes to splurge on ties! Yes that was a cute comparison about ties and shoes, lol!

  6. Millie

    I added info about the picture of John at an NBA game. I first thought that it was taken at a Wizards game, but after reading more information at Getty Images website, I found out that it was from an NBA All-Star practice game.

    More details about that picture are updated in the post.

  7. Millie

    I just updated the blog with some additional info I researched: John has appeared at the NBA summit every year since 2002!

    Wonder where he will be heading out to in 2008?

  8. I think it’s so cute how John is always talking about his children. You can telll that he really loves them 😀

  9. Millie

    Wow, Mebz, I didn’t know watching a BB game would put you to sleep. For me it is just the opposite…. it is so fast paced and exciting, especially when two teams are neck and neck… I’m on the edge of my seat when baskets are wooshing left and right and the seconds on the clock are ticking down!

    Although, I must say that I am more of a college basketball follower, ESPECIALLY my alma matter the UTEP Miners! Whoo! Go Miners!

    I’ve become somewhat of a Rockets fan after now living here in Houston. I have only been to one of their games and it was pretty exciting!!

  10. games are alot more exciting when you attend than watching on tv or computer. you get an adreniline rush from the mass of crowds and its a great way to spend the day with the family!

  11. Millie

    Exactamundo, SB Gal!!

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