Top Ten Installment Number Five

Friday, 10.12.07 

Allrighty, here I go with a second dose of Top 10 in two days!

Yesterday’s blog gave me an idea for a follow-up post, along the lines of a similar theme: My Top 10 favorite blog posts. These are the ones I ranked in order according to my opinion, but if anyone has a different viewpoint, please share in the comments section – all feedback is welcome!

These are the posts that made my list:


Till We Run Out Of Road

I just LOVED Kitten’s video because she picked a song so very appropriate to the theme of “campaign-o-rama”. (And oh yeah, my all-time favorite Ren and Stimpy clip is available for viewing at this post too!)


The Spin Room

I really, really enjoyed seeing John speak off camera and casual. It was the first time ever that I had seen such a video clip of John where he was not in a studio nor in front of some spectacular backdrop reporting on a story. It was an amazing addition to the blog! Also, it was really cool that Shelbinator (the guy who interviewed John) took the time to drop by and visit johnthenewsking!


Welcome To The Inaugural John King Blog


I just had to include this one on my Top Ten because it kicked off an endeavor I did not know would end up making me laugh, cry and smile on so many days in so many ways! To all the regular readers and commenters who I have come in contact with as a result of this blog, I would like to say, “Thanks guys, you are the best!”


John, The Younger Years


How great was that to see John in true journalistic form during his AP days? I literally fell out of my chair when I first saw a young image of him pop up in that video!


A Slam Dunk


I enjoyed putting this blog post together probably more than any other, and actually spent more time on it than any other as well. I really wanted to make sure I got all the details straight and was able to present the information in a cohesive manner. (Ok, maybe the fly on the wall comment was a bit out of place, but I think that minor detail can be forgiven.)

Additionally, I just like the fact that this shows John is an expert not only in political and national news matters, but in other media areas too. It really highlights his depth as a journalist.


Mr. Secretary, Please Pass The Sheep Eyeballs


I included this one on my Top 10 list for the “shear” reason that it generated some of the most off-beat comments I’ve ever come across at johnthenewsking… I never laughed so hard as I did when reading what everyone had to say about some very unusual subjects!


Fried Twinkies Anyone?


Reading about Evelyn’s personal encounter with John was a real treat! Her detailed description was truly remarkable. Plus, this was the post that started us rolling on the subject of weird foods!

(Speaking of weird foods, check out this post from yesterday’s All Things Anderson blog. OMG! Scroll down a tad and click on the “out-take” reel from Planet In Peril. At 1:07 into the video, CNN’s Dr. Gupta is shown discussing and displaying some really bizarre foodstuffs. Wow! Side dishes to accompany your meal of goat nads and sheep eyeballs!!)


“A Real Bostonian”


I’ve put this one near the top of my list because it contains a really neat article, one I consider an “off the beaten path” type of find, if you will. Those kinds of stories about John are unfortunately all too rare to come across! But I was glad to have located the piece and be able to include it here on the blog.


America Remembers


John’s personal words about September 11th were simply an incredible read, and it was very gracious of him to put it together for this blog.


When Lightning Strikes


You just can’t top a blog post that includes user-generated questions that John King has answered himself.



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6 responses to “Top Ten Installment Number Five

  1. I liked that way you ranked the topics, Millie. Out of the 10 you have I think my favorite one is the fried twinkie one 😀

  2. Millie

    Thanks AC! Like I wrote under #8, you are the best!!! You keep me motivated to do this work! Yeah I really liked the Fried Twinkie post as well,

    I absolutely loved how detailed Evelyn went into her encounter with John. That was too cool. I don’t think I would ever have the nerve to do what she did, just knock on a trailer and go in and speak to him!

    The way she was so detailed and descriptive reminded me of how neat it was to read about your meeting Anderson Cooper. You both have the same talent for drawing out every fine detail, making us feel like we were right there sharing the experience along with you!!

  3. Evelyn was very detailed in her description of meeting him. I don’t think I could knock on a door and go in and speak to him either. I’d be too nervous.

    Aww…that’s sweet of you, Millie,to say you liked reading about my meeting Anderson. I thought I had rambled on too long when I was telling you about it. I hope that one day you get the opportunity to meet John 😀

  4. Millie

    See, you were lucky because Anderson was at a public event that was scheduled so you knew when and where to show up.

    Meeting John would have the same odds as winning the lottery – it probably just ain’t gonna happen.Besides, what would I say… uhh, hi, I’m Millie, the goofy gal who comes up with all these crazy blog posts about you? I mean, he was nice enough to write in a few times a while back but other than that I have no association or current contact with him.

    My knees would be a-shakin’ to meet him in person.

    I envy you that you had an opportunity to meet Anderson AND get your picture posed with him!

  5. Millie, getting my pic taken with Anderson and having my arm around HIM and HIS arm around me was the best feeling ever 😀

    John needs to write a book. Not only would it be simply fascinating (I am sure he has all kinds of experinces to share) he would also have to go on a
    book signing tour and then you’d have a chance to meet him. And I am sure you’d be able to come up with something to say to him. I mean I talked to Anderson about his broken TiVo…LOL!!! I am sure John would like if you brought up something funny…lol

  6. Millie

    Yeah that would be an interesting scenario…. but in reality that probably wouldn’t ever happen.

    There isn’t much to do in order to go about meeting him unless he was doing some reporting from somewhere here in the Houston area and I would be brave enough like Evelyn to go up to a CNN truck and check out if he was there.

    But I don’t know if I could ever get up the nerves to do that!!! At least we know from Evelyn’s experience that John is an affable kinda guy if a regular CNN viewer wants to chat with him for a moment.

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