Would You Shell Out $700.00 For This?

Monday, 10.15.07  

Last week’s American Morning which featured a device (a ring actually) that you can hook up to your computer and download how many google hits your name receives on any given day at any given moment. (Gee… what WILL they think of next?)


The price tag? An estimated $700.00 when it goes on the market. *cough/sneeze* rip-off *cough/sneeze*

John Roberts and Kiran Chetry were bantering about their own numerical statistics during the clip.

Since I don’t have any “hard news” about John King to blog about today (sorry folks!!) I decided for the heck of it to crunch out some numbers. Hey, the information may come in handy if he ever buys a ring like this or gets one as a present.

Personally, I think several years from now this device will be laughed off as a “what were they thinking?” kind of an invention!!

Anywho, here are John’s “stats” as of Monday evening at around 10:30 pm Central time.

John King (sans quotes):


“John King”:


“John King” CNN:


“John King” “Chief National Correspondent”:


For what it’s worth, I hope this “informative” post has been, well, informative! LOL!

And I’m sure John (or anyone for that matter) would not need such an expensive gadget when one can just google the information for free and perhaps update the number on a mini dry erase board hanging around one’s neck just like a necklace!

Hey! I just came up with a new invention! A “google stats” necklace available in fashionable colors to coordinate with whatever outfit you are wearing! I could easily sell it for mere $100.00 bucks a pop, because certainly it’s a bargain compared to the ring.

And to celebrate my good fortune, I’ll invite everyone (including John!! ha ha) to a snazzy party at my new muti-million dollar pad somewhere in Beverly Hills, once I’ve become rich off this scheme…

Ok, enough already.

I just think that this $700.00 ring gadget is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Just my two cents worth! (Which is just about ALL I’d ever pay for one!!)

LOL can you tell I am in a really snarky mood this evening? Must be all the caffeine from the numerous cans of Dr. Pepper I’ve been downing all evening.

A demure and caffeine-free Millie will return tomorrow to blog about John’s earlier appearance this evening on AC360. He did a package detailing how the Republican race still has no clear front-runner; therefore, it’s getting more pointed and personal… more about that to come, in my next post.

Have a good night everyone and see you tomorrow!


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