A “Nightliney” Treatment

Friday, 10.19.07

Yesterday Mebz shared a spectacular find with us over at the yahoo group: John’s July 2002 appearance on The Daily Show!

I was amazed and pleasantly surprised to find out that it was finally available at the DS website. Previous searches for this nugget at their website yielded nothing, until Comedy Central recently decided to finally add every single interview since 1999!

Now, to me, this is an amazing find for several reasons:

Number One, it has never been made available to the masses before, not even by somebody out there in the land of YouTube who might have had an old copy of it;
Number Two, locating this particular clip has been the subject of curiosity (for several years now) among John’s loyal viewers;
Number Three, he rarely makes such kinds of appearances!

Therefore, *trumpet fanfare* (ta, ta, ta-daaa!) I christen this July 8, 2002 Daily Show interview as the Holy Grail of John King video finds!


I tried to embed the actual video here in the blog but was having a few technical diffculties – I think it has something to do with the types of videos WordPress allows you to embed. But anywho… to view the actual videos (that’s plural because it there is a Part One and Part Two) click on below links:

Part 1: John getting a “Nightliney” treatment

Part 2: John thinks WorldCom accountants are getting hammered

At the time, he was in New York covering a speech given by President Bush, the topic of which was “Corporate Responsibility”. Oh yeah… a speech back in 2002 which contained advice that was too little, too late for these guys:



Back to John’s stint on The Daily Show. Here are some video caps of his appearance on Jon Stewart’s program:




Stewart explained why John made no “grand entrance” on the show:

“For those at home who are wondering, normally we would announce a guest and you would walk out, but we’ve decided that an intelligent discussion of the issues deserves a more ‘nightliney’ treatment.”

“Civilized.” added John.

“Civilized. Thank you!”

I cracked up when Stewart make a smirky face, waved his index finger back and forth at John and quipped, “You’re no cast member of Felicity…. no!”


John responded,”Not yet.”


Here are some more video caps of the show. Enjoy!









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13 responses to “A “Nightliney” Treatment

  1. Millie

    BTW, where I work, in downtown Houston, I’m only a few blocks down from the infamous Enron building on Smith Street.

    I pass by it all the time, where that big ol’ E used to sit. Along with it’s newer “twin” building, the highrise is an amazing shiny glass building from the outside (very pretty in the Houston skyline) but it sure was ugly on the inside!

  2. mebz72

    The reasons why I love this post are numerous, but I will give you three:
    1) Any reference to Monty Python makes me happy.
    2) A legitimately funny Enron joke.
    The mystery has been solved. This is what Sherlock Holmes must feel like.
    Did you hear Jon say “This man knows his stuff”?
    I second that!

  3. That was a great video. John king on the Daily Show…NICE!!! Has John ever been on The Colbert Reprot. I love that show.

  4. mebz72

    No, not as far as I know. But that would be great to see.
    I was a little disappointed last night that AC wasn’t the main guest, but it was good none the less.

    Let’s see:
    John King on the Daily Show? Check!
    Anderson Cooper? Double Check!
    Peter Bergen? Check!
    Michael Ware? Not yet, but I’m holding out hope.

  5. Millie

    Thanks guys. I particularly like this post too, it was a fun topic to blog about. Thanks Mebz for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it….

    Like I said in the post, this piece is so rare because John hardly ever makes television appearances other than for CNN. You see, Anderfans have segments up the wazoo to enjoy (The View, Regis, etc) but John viewers rarely get to see him on such types of venues.

    That’s why this 2002 piece is The Holy Grail!! LOL

  6. mebz72

    Hey acanderfan, if you love Colbert and the Scissor Sisters, have you seen this?

    This (besides the John vid) has pretty much made my week!

  7. Millie

    You know, I’ve never really watched Stephen Colbert much before, but after seeing this video I have become an instant fan!!!! Too cute! Thanks for sharing the video find, Mebz.

  8. Mebz, that video is GREAT. I hadn’t seen that before. Thanks for the link. That was a funny video.

    I was dissapointed that Anderson wasn’t the main guest last nite either. I love how Stephen can really bring out the Andergiggles 😀

    Colbert in 2008!!!!

  9. Millie

    Andergiggles, lol!

    “Johngiggles” just doesn’t have the same-sounding effect. Kingiggles perhaps???

  10. I like Kingiggles, it sounds cute 😀

  11. Millie

    You know, John had mentioned that he did The Daily Show once while standing in front of the White House. I tried to search for that at the D.S. website but couldn’t find anything.

    I wonder where that bit can be found?

  12. mebz72

    Yeah, I was wondering about that too Millie and I have been looking but no luck. But it must be there somewhere. Will keep looking. I’m so happy I was able to introduce you to the Colbert Nation, come on in, the water is warm.

  13. Colbert for President! I love the guy and even though he’s wacky and wierd, he’d be better than any of the other candidates.

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