Who Says Politics Has To Be Dull?


If you have not been digging into the backpages of CNN.com lately, you might be in for a surprise: CNNPolitics.com provides some quirky links.

Who wuddathunk, “Presidential Pong”? How cute is that, they use little podiums as shielding gear! Pick your political candidates, ladies and gentlemen, and let the ponging begin…


Then, there is the “Night of The Living Republican/Democrat” series by JibJab. I had never seen such a thing before, until recently coming across it at CNN. You can get really creative by pasting yourself into a movie! Check it out, it is quite amusing.

Bookasylum over at ATA made her own versions of the “Night” videos (scroll down all the way to the end of her post). She inserted a few of her favorite CNN anchors and reporters into the movie. Surprise, surprise! John was in her creation.


CNNPolitics.com also offers a dose of “Daily Humor” cartoons:


And, there is a curious blog feature tucked away at the site called Warp CNN.


Their official tageline is: “Warp CNN takes the news and twists it a little.” In addition to regular contributors, Warp CNN asks for user-generated satirical content. I-Report meets the comics page!

Lastly for today, CNN has this link (no doubt a staple among Anderfans) in which Mr. Cooper himself pops up against a white backdrop and narrates his own page. Here you can find, among other things, goodies such as his ipod playlist, AC wallpapers, AC e-cards, AC icons and the AC360 “Match-A-Quote” game.


Ok now I want to ask CNN, just where is the official John King goodie page to be found??? We’re curious to know what songs are on his ipod!



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13 responses to “Who Says Politics Has To Be Dull?

  1. mebz72

    I thought *this* was the John King goodie page.

    And you know it will never be dull with Joan and I around 😀

  2. Millie

    Oh silly me, how could I forget *slaps forehead* of course this is the JK goodie page!!! lol!

    You are right, there is never a dull moment with you, Joan, ACanderfan or any of the other gals who hang out here or over at the yahoo group.

  3. That Andergoodie page is the best thing on CNN.com LOL 😀 The presidentail ping-pong game can be somewhat addictive. I agree with Mebz, I thought this was the John King goodie page. Where else do we get fantastic posts about him???

  4. Millie

    Thank you AC for that compliment! That puts a smile on my face, 🙂 Well, yes, you can find info about John here, but we don’t know the songs on his playlist…

    Although I’m sure there would be a good dose of Roling Stones and Elvis Costello, with some Beethoven and Mozart mixed in between!

  5. Well Millie, your next mission is to find John’s playlist…LOL!!! Seriously, though, I have learned so much about John from coming to this blog 😀

  6. Millie

    Haha AC, when I read your comment I totally visualized Misson: Impossible and the theme music popped into my head.

    “Your next assignment, should you decide to take it, is to locate John’s playlist. This blog comment will self-destruct in 5 seconds.”

    Now that REALLY is a Mission: Impossible!!!


  7. mebz72

    Da da da…
    Millie, I just pictured you in head-to-toe scuba gear, ala: Navy Seals. (Which is odd, since I don’t know what you look like.)
    “If you should be captured by the enemy John “the news” King blog will deny your existence.”

  8. Millie

    I will e-mail you a picture of what I look like to help the visualization process along…

  9. mebz72

    Ooo, that helped tremendously.
    Very stealthy, you could be a ninja.
    “the news ninja”

  10. Millie

    I’ve been called a lot of things before, but never been call “stealthy”. Hey but there is a first for everything, right??

    BTW, I crack up every time I see that picture of John from Bookasylum’s movie (the third picture I posted) with his enlarged head head on the smaller body. Too cute!

  11. mebz72

    I watched the one over at ATA, and while it was cute and funny, it also creeped me out!

  12. Millie

    Admittedly, it is a kinda creepy video. Freaky heads with freaky mouth movements, those heads bobbing all over the place – it’s really “out there”. It’s even weirder when you pause the video, because the heads just start floating around in a repeated pattern.

    But IMHO adding John to the mix made watching the video a whole lot less of a creepy experience!

  13. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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