A Summit, A Debate And A Movie

Monday, 10.22.07

From basketball to right wing politics, John knows his way around summits! He recently covered the “Values Voter Summit” held in Washington, which began at the end of last week and spilled over into the weekend.



It cumulated in an official “unofficial” straw poll, the winner of which received not cash prizes and new car, but bragging rights amongst right-wing voters. That honor went to Mitt Romney. (Interestingly, Giuilani did not fare so well, as many of his views are not far-right enough to capture the support of traditional GOP voters.)

In a follow up of sorts, last night Fox held a GOP debate cumulating with an official “unofficial” cell phone poll. Wikipedia (as reliable as it may be at any given moment) states that: “According to Fox News Viewers text voting after the debate, Ron Paul won with 34%, Huckabee came in second with 27%, Giuliani third with 11%, Romney 10%, Thompson 9%, McCain 5%, Hunter 1% and Tancredo less than 1%”

Today during his appearance on The Situation Room, John stated:

“You had two big events this weekend. You had that straw poll of social conservative activists. Then you had last night a nationally televised debate, just the type of events you might think to bring some clarity to the jumbled republican race, think again. “

He goes on to report that “Ten weeks out means looming tactical shifts. Already, the verbal exchanges are more personal.”

This is going to be seen more acutely in television advertising tactics than in any other area, he explained. John provided this analysis:

“And because the race is so close, with no overwhelming frontrunner, the other campaigns are essentially stalking each other watching to see who will jump in next when it comes to TV ad spending. A week ago, many campaigns said they were ready to do that, but now they seem to be waiting, knowing that the race is so tight perhaps they will need that money after Iowa, after New Hampshire into the latest contests. So they’re waiting for others to spend first before they invest millions and millions of dollars.”

If they are “stalking” now so early on in the game, I can only imagine this is only going to get uglier, folks!

Switching Gears

A new movie opened up over the weekend: “Gone Baby Gone”.


The reason I mention it here is because the movie (the plot of which revolves about a missing child and police ethics) is set in Dorchester, the Boston neighborhood John grew up in. From what I’ve read about the film, it goes about capturing the essence of Dorchester at so many levels and in such in a truly gripping manner – two of the many reasons it has received such positive reviews.

Just by watching the trailer alone, you get some sweeping images of this south Boston neighborhood:




“Gone Baby Gone” was directed by none other than Ben Affleck. This is his first-time attempt in the director’s chair, and by all accounts, he has really mastered his craft in this movie. The reviews over at rottentomatoes.com are pretty impressive at a whopping 93%, so this should definitely be a film worth seeing!



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3 responses to “A Summit, A Debate And A Movie

  1. I didn’t get to see John on the Situation Room, but he did do the Raw Politics segement on 360!!! I like him doing raw politics, he’s go a great sense of humor. Now next week Anderson is supposed to be in The Congo for 60 Minutes. That means we need a sub on 360. I vote for John. I love when he fills in for Anderson. He brings an energy to the show that Anderson just cannot bring. *crosses fingers that John will be Anderson’s sub*

  2. Millie

    Unfortunately my odd and varied work hours – I do shift work – don’t always allow me to catch John live on TV, so most of the time I have to rely on you good people (and the transcripts page) to fill me in on the details!

    Wow, he did Raw Politics last night? Cool! Yes, he does have a great sense of humor!! I will have to check that one out.

    I wanted to see GBG this past weekend but I got tied up on running errands, so its gonna have to wait until this upcoming Saturday… I am definitely gong to check it out. I really like the work of the Affleck brothers.

  3. John doing Raw Politics is GREAT. And he looked very good too…lol!!! I really hope that he fills in for Anderson next week. He’s great at hosting 360!!!

    I hope you like GBG. I know a couple of people who saw it and they didn’t like it. But eveyone has different tastes in movies. The last movie I saw was “We Own The Night” and I thought it was FANTASTIC, however the reviews for it haven’t been that good.

    Reminder: Planet In Peril premiers tonight at 9pm on CNN. I have been waitng to see this since I first heard about it back in February…lol!!! OK, so I may be a little Anderobsessed…LOL!!!

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