John Does Raw Politics

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We are of course used to seeing John sub for Wolf or Anderson (“It takes a special man to be Wolf Blitzer one day and Anderson Cooper the next!”) but it is not so often that we get to see him step in for Tom Foreman during AC360’s quirky “Raw Politics” segment.

Last night, he did just that.


(screencap courtesy of All Things Anderson)

Thanks Mebz for locating his Raw Politics segment on You Tube.



Filed under Election 2008, Guest Hosting, Just For Fun

3 responses to “John Does Raw Politics

  1. Millie

    Notice how John can’t even say the “f” word!!!! LOL! “Broadcast on another network” was how he delicately put it.

  2. I cracked up when he said “Broadcast on another network” John is so funny. I would love to see him do Raw Politics more often. And I must say that he looked very handsome last nite 😀

  3. teeminvasion

    You’ve been Invaded by TEEM!

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