The Coop In Congo = The King On AC360

Tuesday, 10.30.07

John subbed last night on AC360 for Anderson, who apparently is in The Congo at the moment on special assignment for 60 Minutes. Hopefully we will be seeing more of John the entire week!

AC360 began with Larry King tossing it over John and mentioning how he (John) would be smiling all night because the Red Sox won the World Series!


The program started out with an update on the California Wildfires.


Officials are worried that the shifting winds will pick up again in the next few days. They are also looking for an arsonist in an F-150 white Ford pickup truck. There is currently a $250,000 reward out there for any info on who started the fires – hopefully that will be enough to entice someone to come forward with information about this horrible, horrible tragedy.

The program then moved on to FEMA‘s fake press conference recently exposed by the media. John’s career advice to FEMA is “Don’t fake it.”


He rightfully pointed out, “Making matters worse — much worse — real reporters who weren’t given enough advance notice to get to that event in person were able to call in and listen to the fake Q&A, but were not allowed to ask their own questions.”

Following the FEMA piece was a political round table discussion about Barack Obama and what is at stake for him politically, upcoming in Iowa.



There were some funny moments during the discussion:

Gloria Borger questioned Paul Begala about whether he ever leaked a story to the press, and John piped in, “He left that to Carville.”

And what metaphor did Paul Begala use to explain how Barack should execute his political strategies? “It’s like wooing a girl. Back in the Reagan administration, when I was dating my now wife, I didn’t say, you know, I’m going to pretend that we run out of gas, and then I’m going to slip my arm around. Then I’m going to blow in your ear, sweetheart. No, you just blow in the girl’s ear, Barack.”

Next up was a heartbreaking story about child labor in Indian sweatshops where clothing for The Gap is manufactured.


It’s a shocking story: children working as slaves, abused and brutalized by their keepers. The product of their labor? Clothing to be sold by a leading U.S. retailer.

Alina Cho reported that many children work 16-hour days at a sweatshop in India. The children sleep on the roof. A child doing beadwork looks even younger than 10. Children come from poor villages to India’s capital, New Delhi, crammed onto trains nicknamed the “Child Labor Express.” Their parents are conned because they sell their children for as little as $20, with the promise that more money will come.

All of this is going on, even when it is against the law for companies in India to hire kids under the age of 14! John broke down the “raw data” for us.


“Last year, India’s child labor act was expanded, and now covers 59 professions deemed hazardous for children. Punishment for those who break the law, jail for up to two years and a fine as high as about $500. No word yet on whether justice will be served in the Gap case, but the retailer does tell CNN it will give the children money, access to schooling, and job training that will come in handy when they are legally allowed to work.”

After the disturbing GAP story, another cautionary report: meat tainted with e-coli and the USDA’s slow response at getting this information out.


Randi Kaye reported on a recall that was too late for a 15 year-old high school sophomore who got sick after eating E. coli-tainted meat from frozen hamburger patties purchased at Wal-Mart. At first doctors weren’t sure if she was going to survive. Luckily, the young lady did, but not after experiencing some horrible side-effects from eating the meat.

Rounding out the show, John interviewed Rick Sanchez (CNN’s guinea pig!) about his conversation with Gernarlow Wilson; we received an update about one of the FBI’s most wanted being found in Canada; and a story was featured about the rebirth of Chocolate Jesus and all its controversy.

And of, course, what would AC360 be without Tom Foreman’s Raw Politics? I thought last night’s graphics were exceptionally funny!


(Candidates getting ready for the November YouTube debate to be held in Florida)


(Scary Halloween costumes!)


(Dick Cheney goes on another hunting trip – this time for Democrats!)

Does Tom Foreman have a “Best of Raw Politics” series? If not, I seriously recommend that he put one together!

I’ll end this afternoon with last night’s Shot of the Day: This amazing football video showing 15 lateral throws on a game-winning drive. The game was between Trinity University and Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi . (Trinity won, BTW!)



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4 responses to “The Coop In Congo = The King On AC360

  1. mebz72

    My lack of sports knowledge is pitifully low, when he was talking about the 15 lateral passes, I was thinking to myself “Is that a lot?” Must have been, if it made the shot!
    I see you got the podcast working!

  2. I was a bad 360/John fan last nite. I didn’t watch. It’s just that when AC goes away I get all excited because that means I can finally catch up on all the MTV shows I like to watch.

    Millie, I saw your comment at ATA…LOL!!! I am a bad girl. I didn’t watch 360 last week because I was in no mood for Anderson being all emotional reporting on the fires, and I didn’t watch John last nite on 360. However I don’t like what is on MTV tonight so I will be watch 360!!!

  3. Millie

    Yup, I got the podcast working, thank goodness, otherwise I would not have been able to share with you all the nice clear videocaps! We’ll miss Joan temporarily being unable to provide us with her great work, but video caps taken from the podcast is a workable substitute in the meantime.

    I totally cracked up when I saw Dick Cheney as Elmer Fudd. The similarities in facial features are too funny!

    Yeah that football play was pretty amazing, certainly one for the record books…

    I hope John is on tonight again!

  4. mebz72

    *fingers crossed*

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