This Past Week And Upcoming Debates

Saturday, 11.04.07

John started out this week by subbing for Anderson Cooper on Monday evening. He rounded out the week by making a few appearances on The Situation Room and AC 360, giving analysises (is that even a word??) of the 2008 election campaign goings-on. In other words, a pretty routine week for Mr. King.

It’s been a slow week here at the blog, but I do have some video caps to share, sent in by Mebz. They are stills from John’s round table discussion with James Carville and Gloria Borger, which aired on AC360 Wednesday evening.






Things will be picking up this month, though, with two larger debates scheduled. On the 15th CNN will host a democratic debate in Las Vegas, sponsored by CNN and these folks:


And on the 25th of course, is the Republican version of the You-Tube debate to be held in Florida.


I am really looking forward to the latter… who knows, you just might see Millie on live TV!! LOL!



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6 responses to “This Past Week And Upcoming Debates

  1. Millie

    Maybe the plural of analysis is “analysisi”?? That one has got me stumped.

    By the way, Mebz, you caught a terrific shot of John’s smile in that 4th picture. Thanks for sharing the video caps. I know how hard it is to sometimes get the pictures just right, but you did a great job!

  2. mebz72

    Thanks! I’m not sure why they’re grainy, maybe I should use a different photo altering program. I’ll work on it.
    I can’t believe you used the 5th picture, it kind of scares me, lol.
    Did you submit a question for the YouTube debates? What was it about?

  3. Millie

    I think the reason they came out kinda grainy is because they were intially saved as .gif files. That format usually accounts for some image loss. Next time, try saving an original cropped version of a picture under the .jpeg extension and they should come out fine.

    I’ve completed a YouTube video question but I have yet to hit the submit button. I’m still “debating” (har har) whether or not to tweak it slightly before I take the plunge! I anticipate I’ll have it submitted by tomorrow evening.

    It is about a real peeve of mine – negative campaigning.

  4. mebz72

    ooo, You go girl.

  5. Millie, I like the pic at the top of the blog, Very nice 😀

    I didn’t watch 360 at all last week so I can’t comment on anything he said. I was a bad ANderFan last week.

    Mebz, great screencaps 😀

    I can’t wait until the youtube republican debate because Anderson is hosting!!!

  6. Millie

    Thanks AC, I also like the main pic of the blog. I prefer to use pictures where John is casual, after all, this is a casual blog, it’s not an official newsy one!

    I guess you weren’t able to watch ac360 last week because Anderson wasn’t on (reason enough not to tune in) and you were too busy catching up on MTV!!!

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