The Coop Back On AC360 = The King On The Road

Wednesday, 11.07.07

Yesterday, John hopped down the east coast as he headed southward from New York to South Carolina and reported live from the town of Anderson. (lol!!) His backdrop? The town’s Annual Chili Cookoff festival. We’ve got a new food to add to our discussion list!!

Since the topic of culinary delights seems to come up from time to time here at johnthenewsking, I decided to add a whole new category: Foodstuffs!


BLITZER: How is the chili, John, that you’ve got over there? Take a bite. Let us know.

KING: We are at the…

BLITZER: Our viewers are…

KING: The 9th Annual…

BLITZER: I thought it was ice cream originally, but you’ve got a little chili there. You deserve it. You’re working real hard. All right, John and Gloria, thanks.

KING: It’s the Emerson South Carolina Chili Cook-Off. It’s great.

Even though the CNN transcript reads as Emerson, I googled information about the cookoff and it is actually in Anderson, South Carolina, where John was reporting live from. He was there following the Republican candidates as they were stumping in The Palmetto State.

Usually there is a big leader that state by now, he says, but “all of the polls show pretty much a dead heat here in South Carolina in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination… As the vote gets closer, the tensions are rising, especially in the Thompson campaign, which knows it must win South Carolina. And Romney believes, if he can Iowa and win New Hampshire and win South Carolina, despite those national polls Bill Schneider was just talking about, it would all be over.”

In the next hour of the show, he came back for a roundtable discussion with Jack Cafferty and Gloria Borger.

I don’t know where exactly John is heading to next on the campaign trail, but he did mention on Monday night to Tom Foreman (who was in Iowa) that “I’ll be there soon.” Also, next week Thursday a larger debate will be in held Las Vegas, which is being sponsored by CNN. So, it may be likely we’ll see him there as well. By all means, not a bad place to travel to for work!!


Enjoy your Wednesday hump-day everyone!



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5 responses to “The Coop Back On AC360 = The King On The Road

  1. Millie

    Just by looking at the picture you would not know that was vegetarian chili made with soy! I often eat such types of dishes and they can be pretty yummy.

  2. I am so glad that Anderson is back 😀 That chili doesn’t look vegetarian. If I had just seen the pic I would have never guessed. I wonder where John will turn up next.

  3. Millie

    Yeah when I learned he was back one of the first people I thought of was you, because I knew you would be pleased! But I read what you had to say at ATA and I gather last night’s program wasn’t exactly resonating with you?

  4. Aww…Millie, that was nice of you to think of me when you heard Anderson was back. I was not impressed with last nite’s show at all. It just wasn’t very interesting. I hope it is better tonight.

  5. Millie

    I just checked out the transcripts for TSR and John was still reporting from South Carolina today. Apparently there is a lot of controversy about Pat Robertson’s endorsing of Rudy Guiliani. John’s blog entry at the CNN political ticker today is a-buzzin’ with almost 250 responses to this issue!

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