Back In DC For A While… Plus, Some Mighty Impressive Underwear

Saturday, 11.10.07

John is currently back in Washington – however not for long, though, because the upcoming debate in Las Vegas is scheduled for Thursday night and more than likely CNN will be sending him there. Here he is back at the DC bureau.


John was in the studio, voicing-over his story about Mitt Romney’s recent meeting with students, faculty and alumni of Bob Jones University, an ultra conservative college campus. Romney was appealing to this group for support as a conservative presidential candidate despite a major religious difference: Romney is Mormon. He is attempting to overcome skepticism in the evangelical community – some think that Mormonism is cult!

The event was closed door (no media allowed) but CNN did get some exclusive audio of the event. I wonder why media wasn’t allowed?


Amazingly, Rick Beltram, chairman of the of Spartanburg County GOP in South Carolina, stated that if Romney wasn’t a Mormon then he would be the clear front runner in the GOP race. Hmm… Suffice it to say that Millie is going to have to refrain from stepping out of her social/religious/political opinion box today.


This next segment is off topic but it is so cute that I decided to add it here at the blog. This morning, Betty Nguyen and TJ Holmes interviewed twin brothers Justin and Jerod Serovich.


If you haven’t heard of them, they are the 3rd graders who invented a new form of underwear: “The Rip Away 1000”, wedgie-proof drawers that come loose when ripped apart at the velcro seams. They first gained attention for this invention after appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and have since been making the rounds on television news programs.

As if the invention and clever name aren’t funny enough, this morning’s CNN interview was hilarious! The boys were too cute and wonderfully unabashed in front of the camera. There was even a live demonstration!



TJ Holmes was trying to remain composed throughout the interview but you could tell these two young entrepreneurs just totally cracked him up. The inclusion of a scene from the movie “Just One of The Guys” was also a hoot. Here’s that clip:

Just when you get tired of the same old news being reported, you get to see something like the story about these two boys and it really puts a smile on your face!! Priceless!



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3 responses to “Back In DC For A While… Plus, Some Mighty Impressive Underwear

  1. Millie

    Ok, fess up now , how many of you actually thought (after reading the title of today’s post) that I would be blogging about John’s undergarments? LOL!

  2. mebz72

    I must say, I did a double take. I didn’t know what direction this blog was taking!

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