Q&A With All Things Anderson And A Pre-Debate Roundtable

Thursday, 11.15.07

John recently agreed to do a Q & A session for All Things Anderson! I’m really looking forward to reading what the questions are and what his responses will be. Click here to read ATA’s announcement of this upcoming feature at their blog. There, Phebe posted a really swell slideshow of JK pictures! Nice!

Also, don’t forget to tune in tonight to the Presidential Debate in Las Vegas!

John was there last night and he appeared on AC360 along with Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger.


During their roundtable, he discussed the perception that Hillary Clinton “makes choices by polls and not by principles.”

Anderson asked, “John, Hillary Clinton’s camp has said that now she doesn’t support driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. How vulnerable in Iowa and New Hampshire is she to the criticism that she makes choices by polls and not by principles?”


He responded, “Well, Anderson, among Democrats, the criticism — and we will have it here tomorrow night — and I suspect Wolf will say that he’s going to bring this issue up — among Democrats, the issue is more that she’s changing her position, in the view of her rivals, and now has evolved from saying she generally supported Governor Spitzer giving those licenses to illegal immigrants, now saying that, as president, she would not allow that to happen.


So, among the Democrats, it will be, why are you changing your position? Are you too cautious? Are you a poll-tested candidate? Among Republicans, they see a huge opening here, because they think this issue hurts Democrats with independent voters, especially older men, and especially in some of the key battleground states in the fall.


So, it’s a different discussion if we’re talking about how it plays in the Democratic Party than how it would play in a general election if Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat actually — the Republicans plan to use immigration against them in the general election, trust me.”

Anderson then went on ask if Republican voters have already decided which candidate is most electable.


“It’s interesting. When you talk to Democrats, they say Republicans are now acting like Democrats used to act. Bill Clinton became the Democratic nominee in ’92 even though he ran against his own party, if you will, on the primary on many issues, like welfare reform. Now Republicans are asking the same questions. Who is the most electable?


That is why you have a candidate who is pro-choice on abortion rights, who is viewed as pro-gay-rights, more pro-gay-rights than his rivals, leading in Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party, because they think Rudy Giuliani is most electable against Hillary Clinton. And they know, Republicans know they’re in trouble.


After an eight-year presidency, the White House tends to shift parties anyway. Plus, the war is unpopular. So, ideology, it’s usually about taxes and social issues in a Republican primary, and it is about taxes and social issues and immigration to a degree, but electability is much more of an issue in a Republican primary than we have seen in recent history, without a doubt.”


I hope everyone gets an opportunity to catch the debate tonight!! See you tomorrow with a post-debate wrap up.

Have a great Thursday!



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9 responses to “Q&A With All Things Anderson And A Pre-Debate Roundtable

  1. I am so looking forward to the Q&A with John. I already have a question in mind that I want to ask him.

    It was great to see John on 360 last nite!!! He needs to be on more often. I like that he is able to make confusing politics not so confusing. I also thought Anderson was aksing him some pretty good questions 😀

  2. Millie

    Yeah that is so cool!!!! I’m impressed that even with the election heating up he is still willing to take some time to answer the questions. Whatta guy!!!

    I also thought the questions were interesting. Gloria Borger and Wolf Blitzer also did an excellent job. Those folks really know their stuff!!

  3. mebz72

    Ditto to JK being on 360 more! It really made the program. I also really liked the round table with him and Jack Cafferty yesterday on the Sit Room, now there is a pair I can get behind!
    If you will allow me a small rant:
    AC360 has long been my favorite show, but as for that last few weeks, I have found it to be very lack luster. I think the OJ story has a lot to do with it. I don’t understand how they can lead with a story like that. It maybe a ratings boost, but not from me. I have found myself changing the channel every night this week (thank you Anthony Bourdain for saving my TV!) The whole OJ thing makes me want to take a shower. 360 always has the potential, talent and resources to be very informative and stellar, but I feel as if all of that has been squandered recently. No disrespect to Anderson Cooper or the 360 team, I mean they work incredibly hard, but we shouldn’t have to wait for a natural disaster for compelling reporting. *deep breath* Well, maybe tonight will be different.
    OK, another small rant:
    I don’t think I like Gloria Borger very much. I have a really problem with on-air commentators who don’t wait for their questions. She just jumps in there with her thoughts. Didn’t anyone teach her to wait her turn? I guess I’m a stickler for manners. It just comes off as very rude to me. Which is also why I have a hard time watching the Strategy Session in the Sit Room. I just wind up wanting to smack everybody.
    (Also back when JK was the pool reporter on Bush’s secret trip to Iraq, she was still with CBS. And on Reliable Sources Howard Kurtz asked her if reporters were suckers for secret trips like those and she said something like “Especially if you are the one who gets to go on the pool.” And JK was right there in the same discussion! He seem to take offence to that, and I couldn’t blame him. He maybe a bigger person and be able to work with her, but I have yet to forget.)
    Wow, I just realized I sent too much time thinking about such things. Feels good to get it out.
    Sorry for the rants, on to happier topics!

  4. Mebz, I agree with your rant. Have you been to ATA lately??? Alot of Anderfans have been dissapointed with 360. The show is not living up to it’s potentila at all and neither is AC. I am highly dissapointed in both. AC and his show need to get their act together before it is too late. Last nite 360 was great, but great nites on 360 seem to be few and far between. Basically with that show it’s either fantastic or not good at all. There seems to be no middle ground at all.

    I don’t like Gloria Borger. There is just something about her that I do not like. You’re right Mebz, she is rude. To me she also comes ascross as being a know it all. I just don’t like her.

  5. mebz72

    Right on AC, right on. Yeah, I check out ATA everyday, I just don’t post there. I should start, but for some reason I’m intimidated. It’s silly, I know and usually someone has already said what I would anyway.
    But you are so right about 360 have no middle ground. I understand that you are going to have a little bit of that, with the show being topical and all, but you think they would have a little bit more consistency. JK180 is looking better all the time.
    I actually miss the old 360, back when it was at 6:00 with the old red “brick” studio, with the cool music and the nth degree. Those were the days. It is amazing how different the show has become over the last 3 years that I have been watching it.

  6. mebz72

    Millie is shaking things up again.
    I’ve got a six pack, chips & nacho cheese, I’m ready for the debate! Bring it on.

  7. Millie

    “Variety is the spice of life” my dear!!! So you’ve got your nachos and I’ve got my tofu kabobs! lol! just kidding. hehehehe.

  8. mebz72

    Hey, debates and election night is like my Super Bowl. I treat them accordingly.
    I’m watching Lou Dobbs and boy, he seems happy for some reason.
    BTW, JK is sporting a very nice tie tonight.

  9. Mebz,I miss the old 360 too. That is when it was best. Lately it seems like no one who is involved with 360 cares. I think some of the problem may be that Anderson has entirely too much going on. He’s got 360, 60 Minutes and whatever speaking engagement comes his way. Seriously the man needs to learn how to say NO. He is doing entirely too much and I think his show is suffering becuase of it.

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