Debate In The Desert

Friday, 11.16.07

Last night’s debate in Las Vegas is now history. Can you believe there have been over 20 debates so far? And the election is still a year away! It wouldn’t be surprising if the candidates might be calling in sick to future events, citing “debate-itis”.

All kidding aside, no matter who you are supporting, you’ve got to admire them all – their stamina at this point is quite remarkable.


After the debate, John was the first reporter Anderson was going to tap into for analysis, but there was a technical glitch so he couldn’t hear Anderson, even though we could hear him. Instead, Anderson cut to his next round table of David Gergen, JC Watts and James Carville. It wasn’t until later in the program that the audio problem was resolved and John came back on, reporting from the Spin Room.


Ok, so what you’re looking at isn’t John in the spin room, but unfortunately I don’t have any screen or video caps available at the moment. Instead, the above is a video cap taken from Wednesday night’s pre-debate commentary.

Here’s what John had to say lat night from the spin room:

“Well, Anderson, we’re here in the spin room now, and I think you can actually speak to me now. We’re done with our technical issues, I would hope. And as you would expect here in the spin room all of the campaigns coming in here and saying they think their campaign was the one who performed the best.

But the Hillary Clinton people rushed into the room after the debate, and the first thing they said was, quote, “She’s back.” They thought that she energetically opened the debate. They thought that she elbowed, if you will, Barack Obama and John Edwards when there were issues there.

And their big spin here in the spin room is that Barack Obama couldn’t answer in this debate the question that Hillary Clinton couldn’t answer in the last debate; his position on driver’s license for illegal immigrants.

So a great deal of energy here in the spin room after the campaign. Some of the aides to other candidates acknowledging Hillary Clinton was much more spirited in this debate than she was in the past. I heard you talking earlier.

I think it was James Carville who said that Barack Obama would like to get the debates over and get on to Iowa. I think that’s pretty much the sense of all the campaigns. They believe it’s time to get out on the streets, looking for votes, and get off the stage. “

Ok, I stand corrected, I do have a video cap of John in the spin room to share, which I just found. The following is courtesy of All Things Anderson.


Speaking of ATA, have you submitted your question to Phebe yet, for her upcoming Q&A with John? She’s taking submissions until next week Wednesday. Lastly for today, I don’t think I have ever mentioned here in the blog that I really like Jeanne Moos! I thought I’d share a cute piece she put together recently. At the CNN political ticker, you can find the following report:


Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! Whoo-hoo!



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3 responses to “Debate In The Desert

  1. Now normally, I do not like politics becuase I don’t understand them, but I enjoyed hearing what John had to say last nite. I think the canidates probably are tired of the debates, who could blame them. There are so many debates they have to attend.

    The techinacl errors last nite were completely ridiculous. I have never seen so many errors before. I bet most of them would not have occured had AC actually been in Vegas.

  2. Millie, I keep forgetting to say that I love the pic at the top of the blog…very nice šŸ˜€

  3. Millie

    Thanks, I particularly like this one, too. I think it’s more fitting. I’m constantly trying to tweak the look of the site!!!! But so far I’m liking everything so there shouldn’t be any more drastic changes.

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