JK Makes A Beeline From LV To DC

Sunday, 11.18.07

John didn’t waste any time getting back to DC after the debate in Vegas.


He appeared in a roundtable discussion with Candy Crowley and David Gergen the very next night, during Friday evening’s edition of AC360.


We were provided with additional analysis of how the candidates fared.


Soledad asked John what Senator John Edwards’ “missed opportunities” might have been during Thursday night’s debate.


He said that Edwards needs to “step up to the plate” and make his speeches and presentations more than just about attacking Hillary Clinton. For example, Edwards questioned Clinton’s record and position on health care. Although Edwards’ own team felt he made some strong points about NAFTA during the debate, almost everything else he said was an attack on Clinton.

John summed up with a question on the minds of opposing camps as well as democratic strategists: “When are we going to hear more about ‘President Edwards’ as opposed to ‘Senator Edwards attacking Senator Clinton?’


Where will JK be heading to next on the campaign trail? Your guess is as good as mine. Of course there is the Florida You-Tube debate coming up in about a week and a half, where he no doubtedly will be reporting from, but in the meantime I’m sure CNN will likely be sending him elsewhere to other hotspots along the campaign trail. That means John could be popping up soon somewhere in the states to watch.

(By the way, CNN has a great interactive map which shows upcoming key primaries. It’s presented in a manner which contains helpful information for us laypeople.)

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend everyone!



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6 responses to “JK Makes A Beeline From LV To DC

  1. I enjoyed seeing John on 360 last nite. I think he is right about Edwards. Edwards seems to discuss Hilary’s issures more than his own. People don’t want to vote for someone who is constantly crticzing the other opponet.

    I like when Soledad hots 360, she does a great job, but I prefer Andrson doing the roundtable discussions. Actually I would have preferd John to host 360. I have a feeling Anderson may not be on this week, I think he may finally be taking a well deserved and needed vacation. So if we can’t have AC then we might as well have the next best thing. I hope if he isn’t on next week that John will fill in a couple of times 😀

  2. Millie

    Isn’t Anderson on some kind of special assignment? Isn’t that usually the case when he disappears for a stretch of time? Let’s hope John is hosting on Monday!

  3. As far as I know he isn’t on any special assigninment. My guess is that if he isn’t on it’s becuase he’s finally taking a well deserved break or he maybe working on the youtube debate. I would love to see John host 360 on monday!!!

  4. mebz72

    lovely job on the screencaps, Millie.
    Tell me, am I crazy for putting up my Christmas tree already?

  5. You have your tree up already, Mebz??? Wow, you must really be in the Christmas mood…lol!!! And if you’re a good girl this year maybe you’ll find John under your tree wrapped in a big red bow…lol!!! 😀

  6. mebz72

    LMAO, Oh, my Goodness! Ha Ha haaaa…
    I didn’t expect that. AC, you actually made be blush, well done!

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