Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Sunday, 11.25.07

John had a busy week last week hosting AC360 three nights in a row. It was great to see him hosting more than just one night. I don’t know if Anderson will be returning back this week, but if The Coop is still off, I’m sure hoping John will get to fill in again.

Each night of the program opened with a crime story…




Hopefully AC360 will report some follow ups on these stories. It’s probably a given that we’ll be hearing more about Natalee Holloway in the upcoming days, but it would be interesting to also see what the developments are in the “Defensive Neighbor” case as well as the “American Student” Italian murder case.

Coming up this week, we can expect to see John reporting from St. Petersburg, Florida, for the Republican YouTube debate. It will air this Wednesday night and I’m very curious how it will all unfold.

The first YouTube event several months ago was a true experiment, and now that CNN has some experience with the format, it should be interesting to see what kinds of tweaking they have done. For example, many people complained that the screens on stage showing the videos were very hard to see because the images were too small. Will this be adjusted? We’ll find out Wednesday!

Here’s John when he was at The Citadel for the Democratic YouTube debate:


CNN posted a story about the process of selecting questions for the Republican version of the debate.

It reads in part, “CNN’s political unit is keeping the questions a secret, but those selecting them say viewers should be prepared for presentations that are funny, questions that are poignant and a format that is unprecedented for the GOP… There are plenty of animated figures out there, there are certainly some funny questions, but more importantly, there are hundreds, if not thousands of really, really good, solid questions from real people on real issues.”

In addition to the debate, we have John’s Q&A over at All Things Anderson to look forward to. ATA has not posted a date when his answers will be added to their blog, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

It should be a busy week here at johnthenewsking!



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4 responses to “Looking Back, Looking Ahead

  1. As much as I love John hosting 360, I would much rather have Anderson, but I think we’ll be lucky to see his face before wednesday. So if we can’t have Anderson, I really really really hope we get John 😀 I also think that maybe Anderson needs to take some notes from John, becuase the show was much better last week than it has been in a while. Apparently John is doing something right and Anderson isn’t. I like the energy John brings to 360. Anderson needs to watch the tapes from last week and see if he can figure out what John his doing right and try to do that too.

  2. Millie

    I agree, the program did seem to fare a bit better last week. Funny, after getting used to seeing John host a few days, it will be weird to go back to Anderson…. I know, I know, the Anderfans will be rejoicing when he is back on, but we Kingfans will be wondering when Anderson Cooper’s next vacation will be rolling around! LOL!

    At least we have the debate and the Q&A to look forward to.

  3. I’ll be rejoicing if the program is good. If it’s not good I will be complaining about Anderson and his show. I think both need to get thier act togehter before it is too late. 360 can be GREAT, we saw that last week when John was there. So it makes me wonder, is Anderson the problem with 360??? It just seems like sometimes the show is better when he is gone.

  4. I forgot to mention that I am really looking forward to John’s Q&A. It should be great and I can’t wait see how he answers my question. I think it’ll be a very good Q&A.

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