Changes In Emphasis

Tuesday, 11.27.07

Ok, so today’s post title – as you will read – actually refers to Rudy Giuliani’s stance(s) on abortion, but it also refers to my evolving taste in blog format and colors!! Black was nice for a while. However, I hope that a return to a lighter theme will be appreciated and that I will be forgiven for changing the layout again, lol!

On to today’s post…

Anderson Cooper was back at the helm of his show last night after a week off.

During the second “Keeping Them Honest” segment of the evening, John covered Rudy Giuliani’s evolving position on abortion over the last 20 years. (The first segment, Candy Crowley’s report, focused on the “cattiness” of election season mudslingling.)

Before tossing it over to John, Anderson said that “some call it human” and “some call it pandering for votes”. Regardless of how you look at it, it is clear that Giuliani has publicly stated varying positions on this hot-button issue throughout the last 20 years.

During his report, John interviewed Kelli Conlin, an abortion rights activist who was part of Giuliani’s mayor-elect team back in 1989.



She said during the interview that “[Giuliani] never seemed to have a struggle with the issue when he was mayor. He was very, very proudly pro-choice.”

As Mayor of New York, Giuliani signed a proclamation which designated an official “Roe vs. Wade Day” on its 25th anniversary. However, now as a presidential candidate he is on the record as saying “I’m against abortion. I hate it.”


Last night, John’s “Keeping Them Honest,” segment reviewed Giuliani’s stance on the issue during the last two decades, including contrasting statements he has made while mayoral candidate, then as mayor, and eventually, as presidential candidate.

– As a mayoral candidate in 1989, he vowed to uphold the constitutional right for a woman to have to an abortion, even though he publicly admitted it goes against his catholic upbringing.

– When he was mayor of New York, he “offered no such reservation”.

– And now, as a Republican Presidential Candidate, he “embraces abortion restrictions he had opposed as mayor. ”

Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster, says that “Rudy Giuliani’s current position makes his pro-choice stance more acceptable to a lot of Republicans, not all, certainly, but a lot of Republicans.”

However, his former Mayoral supporter Conlin said to John, “I think he owes the American public an explanation of why he’s flip-flopped so dramatically.”


John says that Giuliani’s campaign aides reject the notion that he is flip-flopping on the issue of abortion. Instead, they say Giuliani’s critics are exaggerating the scope of any shifts in his stance on abortion. His aides assert that any “changes in emphasis” over the last few decades are due to the fact that, in contrast to a big city mayor, a president faces vastly different choices to make when it comes to abortion issues.


John filed this report from New York, but it was not clear if he was still there as of yesterday, a few days before the Florida debate, or if he filed the report while still in New York hosting AC360 last week. In any case, it is very likely that he is either already in Florida or currently on his way down there for tomorrow’s debate.

Have a fabulous Tuesday and see you all tomorrow!



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12 responses to “Changes In Emphasis

  1. Unfourtinately Anderson was back last nite. John’s piece about Rudy Giuliani’s position on abortion was about the only good part of 360 last nite.

    I mean really, how does Giuliani expect to get votes when he is constantly flip-flopping on the issue of abortion. What ohter issues is he unsure of??? I think his flip-flopping is going to hurt him, beause no one wants to vote for someone who can’t make up their mind.

  2. Millie

    Man that is strange to hear you begin your comment with “Unfortunately Anderson was back last nite….” LOL!

  3. mebz72

    Quick someone take AC’s temperature. Is she running a fever? lol
    I haven’t heard yet, is the Coop doing New Years this year? Anybody know?
    JK’s report last night seriously made me want to dropkick Giuliani. Is this really the way to get elected in this country? If that is true, then we are a screwed up nation.
    But the piece was very well done (obviously) I think JK should do similar investigations for all the candidates. Keep everyone honest.

  4. I guess I shocked Millie and Mebz, with my “Unfourtinately Anderson was back last nite” comment…LOL!!! The show was just so bad. He should have stayed in Italy. 360 was much much much better last week. Perhaps SOMEONE should take notes from John.

    I’m sure Anderson is doing New Year’s again. I think he likes doing it. It lets him avoid social obligations, at least that’s what he said when he used to write for Details.

  5. Millie

    Did you all notice that Candy Crowley was looking pretty good during her piece? It looks like she is losing weight. Kudos to her!!!

  6. I noticed that too, Millie. Perhaps it’s an early start on a New Years resolution???

  7. mebz72

    Candy Crowley is amazing! I adore her so much.

  8. Looks like Millie, chnaged the color of the blog. I like it. It looks fresh. Very nice 😀

  9. MWmcFan

    Great new look again Millie. All these changes keeps John looking fresh and energetic. Everyone here must be very happy will all the John appearances lately. Seems like we will continue to see more and more of him during the next 12 months 😉

  10. Millie

    Thanks. I think the white is less drab than the black…

    Yup, we probably will be seeing a lot more of him through the election season in the next 12 months… I imagine, though, once its all over, it may be a bit anti-climatic. What will John be reporting about then??? Sure, there will be the current events news stories that he will cover, but there won’t be any more predictable “campaign-o-rama” to look forward to!!!!

  11. mebz72

    Dude, I’m away for one night, I come back and the place looks completely different! You keep us on our toes Millie!
    Happy YouTube Debate day everyone!

  12. Millie

    I’m glad you think of it as “keeping us on our toes”! I was more worried ya’ll would think of me as a madwoman who simply can’t make up her mind, lol! Besides, the dark shades were getting to be a bit depressing and the layout was acting strange when viewed with Internet Explorer (ie things wouldn’t line up)

    Happy YouTube Debate Day to you to as well….

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