It’s Debate Time

Wednesday, 11.28.07

As Mebz wrote in, “Happy Debate Day” everyone! lol!


As most of you already know, this evening the second installment of the YouTube debate series will air tonight on CNN at 8:00 pm eastern. It should be interesting indeed, with all the pre-debate buzz about which kinds of questions will air. Narrowing over 4,000 entries to only about 40 must have been a daunting task, but I’m sure that when the questions reveal themselves, we won’t be disappointed!

Here is John speaking with a Florida reporter from about tonight’s debate.


Last night, John filed a “Keeping Them Honest” report for AC360.

Anderson tossed it over to him after this introduction: “With no incumbent to rally around, Republicans are groping for a new identity. And with the clock ticking down to Iowa and New Hampshire and Florida, the verbal shots are heating up. You might see more of it tomorrow night. Tonight, we are looking closer at how the GOP rebuilds a damaged brand.


The above is John talking with South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. His entire piece, “GOP Party Image” can be viewed right here.

After the report, John appeared live from the debate stage in Florida with Gloria Boger for a pre-debate discussion. He handed it to Cooper for having “the best job in politics tomorrow night”!

Enjoy the show later on this evening and see you tomorrow for a post-debate wrap-up.


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