The Dust Has Settled… Or Has It?

Friday, 11.30.07

Now that Thursday night’s activities are over and the debate dust particles have settled somewhat, a new dust storm is visible on the horizon because it is only a few short weeks until the first Primary in Iowa. The candidates will definitely be kicking it up a notch, especially on the Republican side, where there is still no definitive front-runner.


Last night’s AC360 show opened with Anderson remarking that Thursday night’s debate was “the most watched of this campaign by far”. He then tossed it over to John for another look back at the highlights of the evening.

John next appeared on a round table (or should I say Hollywood Squares) discussion with Tom Foreman, Hank Sheinkopf, and Ari Fleisher. Judging from the background, it looks like he was still in Florida last night:


Cooper asked John how much anger is seen on both sides of the aisle.


He explained, “There’s anger at the Democrats that their candidates and their Congress haven’t been able to end the war. There’s anger among independents, maybe, that they don’t see either party talking to the middle.

But, right now, Anderson, the campaign is not about that. The campaign is about, especially on the Republican side right now, Iowa and then New Hampshire, two very different campaigns. Iowa is culturally conservative, so you’re going do see abortion, same-sex marriage, and immigration dominating the debate.”


“Pretty telling that, the morning after the YouTube debate, when abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage not mentioned last night, but mentioned in the mail in Iowa. Those are the debates — issues in Iowa. What does Rudy Giuliani do? He launches an ad in New Hampshire on taxes, a very different Republican Party in the state of New Hampshire.”


“So, both parties right now worrying about the nomination. Then they will worry about trying to bring the country together and reach out to independents. “

Iowa is about a month away. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of John on the road. He will certainly be all over the map during the month of January… and February… and March… all right, you get the point. “Campaign-O-Rama” at it’s finest.

Ok, now this is going to be very cliche, but what the heck, here’s Willie Nelson singing “On The Road Again”. Happy Friday to all!!



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4 responses to “The Dust Has Settled… Or Has It?

  1. Last nite was 360 at it’s best. It is how it should be every nite. Tonight I know it will be bad becuase Anderson will have to cover the hostage situatuion at the Clinton capaign office and Andrson is terrible at handeling breaking news.

    Now what is nice about campaing season is lots of opportunities to see John. I like how John is able to simplfly politics and I liked what he had to say on 360 last nite. So I guess once each party has their nomination then they will focus on the issues that they think will get them nominated. Honestly I am not really impressed with any of the canidates. I can’t wait until the next time John pops up on 360.

  2. Millie

    “I can’t wait until the next time John pops up on 360.”

    You and me both, my dear!!!

  3. Sometimes he is the only bright spot on 360. Maybe he’ll be on tonight. Millie why is your avatar showing up??? I don’t think mine is 😦

  4. Millie

    I think it is a browser issue. With internet explorer, only every other comment will show an avatar. With Mozilla Firefox, all the comments have avatars showing up. Go figure!

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