Time Flies! And, John’s Q&A

Saturday, 12.01.07

Is it December already?? My goodness, it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was sitting in a park watching 4th of July fireworks sparkle and pop through my spiffy 3-D glasses, and now here we are, already at the end of the year! 2007 has gone by incredibly fast… or is this swift passing of time just a result of older age? When I was young the years used to drag, but now at 35 every year seems to go by faster than the previous one. Whew!

But I digresss…

Monday, we have something special to look forward to: John’s Question and Answer session with All Things Anderson! Whoo-hoo! Phebe included a note at her site that she received his responses and will be posting them on Monday. Be sure to swing on by ATA next week to find out what he has to say. Judging from our own Q&A, as well as previous ones over at All Things Anderson from other CNN reporters, I’m sure that we won’t be disappointed.


I’ll leave you today with an interesting time-lapse video of how the YouTube debate set was built from the ground up, this past week in Florida.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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5 responses to “Time Flies! And, John’s Q&A

  1. Mille, this year has gone by fast. It seems like just yesterday I was meeting Anderson, even thoug it was about 6 months ago. I can’t believe it is almost time for Christmas.

    I can’t wait to see John’s answers to the Q&A. I am curious as to how he’ll answer the question I asked him. It should be a good Q&A šŸ˜€

  2. Millie

    So what did ya ask him? Myself, I was curious what the most beautiful or personally inspirational place is that he has traveled to around the world…

  3. I went back through my e-mail and found the one I had sent Phebe. Here it is:

    John, since the United States has never had a woman president or an african american president, do you think this might have an effect on the relationship between the U.S. and other countries?

  4. Millie

    Good question AC!!

  5. mebz72

    Hey girls, haven’t been around in a few days, sorry. Believe it or not, I just haven’t had anything to say. I like the debate, regardless of controversy I thought it was well done. Did you notice that they didn’t have audio problems this time? That was nice. Anywho, still don’t have much to say. Just didn’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about you.

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