How Many Days Until The Iowa Primary?

Hello everybody! Now that you have thoroughly over-listened listened to that slideshow song, it is time to move on!! (If you still are hearing it and you want to turn it off, click on the volume icon located at the bottom-left of the slideshow screen.)

John reported yesterday and today from none other than Iowa. Gee.. I wonder why? Could it be that the Iowa caucus is only, say, about three weeks away?


Here he is, walking along with Mitt Romney during a lunchtime stroll through a downtown Des Moines skywalk:



Despite earlier promises, Romney’s aides said this was a photo-op only and it was not going to be a time for him to discuss his attack ads against Mike Huckabee. (Romney and Huckabee are going neck and neck now in Iowa, and the recent attack ads on each other are causing some friction.)

Two weeks after the YouTube debate, the Republican candidates are back at the debate helm today, this time for a meeting sponsored by the Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television. This debate is noteworthy because it will be the the last time the Republican candidates will appear together before the Iowa caucuses on January 3. (The Democratic candidates will be debating tomorrow afternoon).

This is slightly OT, but it is amusing enough to share. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a HUGE Seinfeld junkie. So, when I saw this hat yesterday:


It reminded me of this hat:


Enjoy your middle-of-the-week hump day everyone and see you tomorrow!



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4 responses to “How Many Days Until The Iowa Primary?

  1. mebz72

    Millie! You’re Back! I’ve missed you and this blog. Did you get a lot done during your days off?
    I saw JK’s Mitt Romney report this morning. What’s with him not answering questions? I mean, did he think that no one would ask him about negative campaign ads?
    I literally L.O.L! at Bill Schneider hat when he came on the TV. What was he thinking? Comrade Schneider, where’s the vodka?
    Do you notice how they are all standing in front of the same bridge?

  2. YAY!!! Millie is back!!! It’s not even 2008 yet and I am already sick of hearing about these idiots…I mean presidential canidates. All they do is bicker and put each other down and generally look like fools. I don’t know how John keeps his cool when interviewing them…LOL!!!

    Oh Millie, on my LiveJournal I came up with my own CNN Awards and I gave John the title of “Most Polite”.

  3. Millie

    Hi ladies! Yes I am back (although I never really went anywhere, lol!) Just had some down time to catch up on things around the house, etc…

    AC, I will most definitely go check out your CNN awards! Cool!

  4. Millie, thank you for your kind comment on my LiveJournal, I left you a messgae on there. I have recevied a few e-mails from people who think my CNN awards are cool…lol!!!

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