Happy “Day After”

Wednesday, 12.26.07

Good evening everyone!

Now that the presents are undone, the 24-hour marathon of “The Christmas Story” is over, and the holiday foodstuffs are devoured (well, except for all the goodies sitting in the fridge which can be classified as leftovers) everything should be back to normal, right? Right???

Well, not exactly… because very shortly the first primaries and caucuses are about to begin. Things won’t be “normal” from here on out until say… November??

Needless to say, there will be a lot of political news upcoming throughout the next weeks and months as we follow along with John and all the other reporters, producers and camera crew who will be spending countless hours on on the road and away from home, in order to bring us the latest news from the campaign trail.

In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d pull up a song from the archives, a very fitting piece that our very own Kitten put together which reflects life on the road.

Enjoy the video!

(Programming note: For a review of tonite’s AC360 program, which John is guest hosting this evening, tune in tomorrow to johnthenewsking. Thanks Mebz, AC and Katie for that update!)



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9 responses to “Happy “Day After”

  1. YAY!!! John is hosting 360 tonight!!! I am so happy to see him on there!!! I knew Anderson would not be on this week. I hope we get John the rest of the week he does such a FANTASTIC job 😀

    The Iowa thing is next thursday isn’t it??? Well I guess we know what will be on CNN all day next thursday…LOL!!!

  2. Katie

    I agree AC, it’s great to see John guest hosting. I actually wasn’t expecting to see John on today. No rest for the weary, I guess. 🙂

    Thank the PTB that Iowa is finally almost here. This election season is really d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g along.

    Not to get off topic, but (can I talk about other blogs here?) did anyone see the post over at ATA about John Sunday and yesterday? There were some awww moments there.

  3. Millie

    Sure Katie, you can discuss other related blogs here, and ATA and ATC are certainly fantastic blogs worthy of a mention! We are very open-minded here at johnthenewsking and we encourage all types of comments and feedback.

    Yup, AC, the Iowa “thing” is on Thursday, January 3rd. Things should get pretty interesting from here on out. (p.s. Thanks AC for the xmas virtual card… aww.. that was cute!!)

    Yay! John on 360! That means a 360 review is coming up tomorrow!!

  4. mebz72

    Since I’m the only one not saying it: Yay! JK on 360!! lol

  5. MWmcFan

    Hi All,
    Just saw a great 3 minute summary by John about the candidates in the upcoming primaries. It’s on the cnn video page and it’s called “Crunch time for candidates”. John really knows how to precisely sum things up.

  6. I hope we get John hosting 360 tonight, especially with all the breaking news happening. I cannot stand to see Anderson anchor breaking news.

  7. Nevermind. We unfourtinately are stuck with Anderson hosting 360 tonight. I am higly dissapointed. I wanted John to host, but CNN sticks us woth Anderson. Thnaks CNN <—(should be read in a sarcastic tone).

  8. mebz72

    JK was on American Morning talking about the breaking news. Don’t give up hope of seeing him later today, AC.
    You don’t like it when Anderson covers breaking news?

  9. Millie

    AC, maybe you should change your screen name to JKJohnfan!!! lol!

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