Start Popping The Popcorn…

Wednesday, 01.02.08

Happy New Year to all!! (In a hurried slip, I first typed in today’s date as 01.02.07, lol!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful night spending the occasion of ringing in the new year… I had to work right up ’til the stroke of midnight, so alas, I have no special tales to tell… it was interesting, however, to read all the comments at ATA as the ladies celebrated together watching Mr. Cooper in Times Square. Pretty cool that some of their holiday wishes even scrolled across the CNN television screen!!

Now that the glittered party hats and paper blow-out whistles have been tossed off to the side somewhere, the hangovers are (hopefully) over, and the resolutions have been made (and some already broken in record time!) the next big event to look forward to is tomorrow’s Iowa caucus.

To me, thinking about it conjures up thoughts of wanting to pop a tub of popcorn and fill up a tall glass of frosty root beer, then sit in front of the tube waiting for the night’s results to come in. It is absolutely fascinating that the first caucus is so early in the year and that the the leads are so very very close. It’ll be like watching a neck and neck basketball game, just waiting for the final outcome. How’s this for a wild field of candidates??


Yesterday, CNN presented it’s New Year’s day ballot bowl, which was promoted as an “unfiltered” look at all the candidates. I didn’t get a chance to catch the bowl videos, but I did check out and they have compiled all the videos here.

John was in New Hampshire yesterday, where he reported live from on AC360. Here are some videocaps of him standing out in the snow:





I’m sure we’ll get some additional coverage from John King tonight on AC360 as well.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely will have buttered-fingers from all the popcorn I’ll be consuming tomorrow night.

It should be an interesting evening indeed.



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4 responses to “Start Popping The Popcorn…

  1. I feel so out of place. Tomorrow nite is going to be political hell. I really don’t care about the Iowa Caucuses. I just cannot get into politcs. I think I will be watching MTV tomorrow nite…LOL!!!

  2. Millie

    In elections past, I really never paid attention much to early caucuses and primaries. But this election season, due to amazing technology, networking, and internet capabilities, there is just so much info out there… it makes the process that much more accessible to the masses. Plus the field of candidates this year is pretty interesting, too.

    I think also that in general, since we are all Bushed-out, it makes the prospects of a fresh candidate that much more intriguing.

  3. You are right Millie, there is alot of info out there for this election. I can only take politics and small doses and whole hour of 360 about it is entirely too much.` It just bores me to death. I mean honestly, listening to Mr.Cooper read out of the phone book would be more interesting…lol!!!

  4. mebz72

    I’m excited about tonight! Especially since everything is so up in the air, I really hope there is a big upset. Just so long as it’s not the candidate that I’m rooting for.
    Millie, lovely screen caps, my darling!
    John King, put gloves on!

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