Caucuses For Dummies

Thursday, 01.03.08

I googled the title of today’s post to see if there existed a “Dummies” series for caucuses (caucusi???) but I didn’t find anything that specific. I did, however, come across this book authored by Ann Delaney:


This morning, on Your World Today, Tom Foreman tried explaining caucuses using a chess analogy (complete with an actual chess set on-air) while John Roberts & John Dickerson tried to explain it on American Morning with sugar packets, jelly and creamer! Time magazine put together a video explanation using little paper cutouts of people… I thought that was a pretty cute way to offer a visual explanation.

Here is a YouTube video of Jeff Greenfield (former CNN analyst) explaining the process:

Here are three additional links that might help: compiled a slideshow back in 2004 (note how the Iowa Caucus date was January 19th back then) . Click this link for the 2008 version. Additionally, a group called the Volunteer Voters explains how a caucus works.

After checking out all these resources, the only thing I can figure out for sure is that the Republican’s method is pretty straight forward but the Dems aim for more complexity in their process. I’m still slightly befuddled after reading about “viable” percentage numbers and how participants may have to end up convincing each other to sway one way or the other. One big ol’ vote-o-rama!

Finally this afternoon, I have a few videocaps of John from last night’s AC360. He was still up in chilly New Hampshire.




Since the actual results won’t be known until late tonight, a mention of the evening’s results will be included in tomorrow’s blog post. Although, of course you won’t have to come here to know what actually happened… everything will be splashed all over and other websites as soon as the information comes in.

*pop-pop-pop* There goes the sound of Millie’s popcorn popper!!



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12 responses to “Caucuses For Dummies

  1. mebz72

    Am I the only one who thinks the caucus sounds like fun? It’s like political musical chairs, for adults. Give it to the Iowans for coming up with crazy rules.

  2. Millie

    “Political Musical Chairs For Adults” hahahaha I don’t think a more apt description applies!! Leave it up to good ol’ Mebz to say it with just the right touch of humor.

  3. MWmcFan

    Anderson’s 360 blog is so funny today. Anderson explained that they have this new high tech virtual pie chart thing he has been carrying around today. John has been teasing him trying to give him $10 saying that Anderson looks like the pizza delivery guy! LOL John’s in high gear now tonight should be fun.

  4. Millie

    Wow, preliminary info is interesting!!! Huckabee in the lead for the Republicans and Clinton, Obama and Edwards essentially in a 33%-33%-33% tie!

  5. Millie

    Nope, scrap that: it is now (with 47 percent of precincts reporting) Obama 34% Edwards 32% and Clinton 31%. And the night ain’t over!!

  6. mebz72

    I’ve got popcorn and left over champagne from new years- this is a fun caucus! Whada say- pizza and beer for New Hampshire?

  7. Millie

    Ok, I’ll order the Veggie Lover’s… but I don’t drink beer. I’ll stock up on root beer instead. What’s your preference for pizza type, Mebz, so I can get the order in early.

    I think ACAnderfan has abandoned us tonight because she’s busy watching MTV!! lol.

  8. mebz72

    AC doesn’t know what she’s missing.
    I just saw Anderosn’s pie charts, wow, those are something!
    Mushrooms for me please!

  9. Millie

    Anything else with the ‘shrooms? Or just a one-topping pizza?

  10. mebz72

    Yeah, just ‘shrooms. I’m a simple gal.
    Anderson really does look like a pizza boy with his cardboard box, maybe he delivers?

  11. Millie

    I was just checking out the AC360 blog MWmcFan was talking about, it is rather funny. Doesn’t suprise me that John would crack a pizza delivery man joke like that – we’ve seen how funny he can be.

    John just broke news a few minutes ago that Chris Dodd dropped out of the race. Dodd’s people e-mailed him (John)with this news.

  12. Yes, Millie I did abandon you last nite…sorry. MTV was just far more interesting. I cannot get into politics. I saw like maybe 5 minutes of it last nite, and I must say John was looking very good last nite.

    Now if we’re gonig to order pizza for the new hampshire coverage i may watch. I am boring with my pizza however. I like pepperoni on my pizza…lol!!! And if we’re getting pizza we need breadsticks too 😀

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